Afterwards Continued..

"...We'll stay there for tonight. Let's hope they have alot of blankets." She says looking back at me and forward again. "Why do we need alot of blankets?" I asked. "It's suppost to be cold tonight." She said shivering. "Or is as of now." "Oh, let's hope they do." I say. We walk in silence for awhile.
"Here." She says walking up to a red door. "Is it opened?" I asked. "Yeah, I picked the lock before I went and found you." She say opening the door. "Wow." I say. "What?" She says defensively. "Nothing." I say grinning. She utters something under her breath. I'm pretty sure it eas a "uh-huh". "There's a bedroom upstairs and one downstairs." She says walking to the kitchen. "Choose one."
""Why do I have to choose first?" I say following her. She turns and looks at me. "Because I could care less which one I get." She starts looking for something. "What are you looking for?" I ask watching her. "I'm looking for water." She says. "I'm thirsty." "Oh, I guess i'll take the room downstairs." I say going to look for it.



Walking to Darien's room with a bottle of water in hand, I stop to look at the pictures hanging on the wall. It's a family picture. The son and daughter sitting infront of their parents who are standing behind them.
I turn in the opposite direction and go upstairs to my room. I set the bottle of water on the night stand and crawl under my blanket. I curl up in a ball and cry...

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