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March 29, 2012
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I let out a big sigh as I set out to work. I never liked sorting out my room but it was even worse now that I had to sort out my whole life! I was leaving everything I knew behind to step out into a new world … alone.

As I picked up a photograph, a flood of emotions passed through me. It was my favorite photo of the three us; Izzie, Jess and I. The three of us have our arms around each other, sat up at the bar with our cocktails. We're young, we're seventeen yet we think we're so grown up, that we know it all and that we're going to take the world by storm. Little did we know, our lives were going to change! That was the night Izzie told us-Jess and I that she was dying, that she had cancer and had about a year to live.

It's a year later and she fulfilled her promise. She's gone and we're left to pick up the pieces. It fills me with sadness if only for a while and then I remember our promise to her. Before she told us, she handed us each a tiger charm for our matching charm bracelets. She said 'think of me when you wear this and I'll always be with you. Don't be angry and don't be sad. Live life to the full and that way you can live it for me too.' Then she told us and we promised.

I picked up some of my packed boxes when a car horn tooted outside. It was Jess giving me a lift to our new life. I wasn't alone, I realised. I have her and I have Izzie. My favorite photo will always be a reminder of that.

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