The Storm

March 30, 2012
By Shi23244 SILVER, Thermopolis, Wyoming
Shi23244 SILVER, Thermopolis, Wyoming
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It was a stormy day, the skies were gray and the sun wasn’t shining. I looked outside throughout the soggy ranch. I could see the horses all scattering towards the barn to get away from the vicious lightening and the ear wrenching thunder. I felt sorry for them because I had this warm house and they had to stay out in the storm. This was the first storm in the county oMaybeok, California since the Great Depression, my grandmother had told me. I continued to look outside amoung the empty road leading to my house, that was very unusual. My bedroom door opened and my mother entered the room and she said that it was time for dinner. I got up from the window seat that my father made me before he died. I walked out to the hallway staring at the door that is always shut. That was my dad’s office, I have not been in there since the funeral. My mom put a lock on the door sowoulddn’t ever have to go in there again. My mother walked up to me. She told me that I was not to look at that room or even the door again. We both walked to the kitchen and sat down at the table. My mother had repainted the kitchen from my dad’s favorite color (baby blue) to this ugly yellow color. Mother went over to the oven and pulled out baked macaroni and cheese. This was grandma’s favorite on a warm day but this wasn’t a nonormal in Maybrook there wasn’t even any sun. It was just a depressing day for all of us. Maybrook was a small county, so most of the townsfolk was related to each other. The school system was so small that we didn’t have many school days. Mother put the food on the table and started to serve everyone. I started to eat the food on my plate. As I ate I thought of how we do a lot of things differently now that Dad has gone. When I had finished, I took my plate to the kitchen sink and went back upstairs to my room. When I was began to walk away from the kitchen, I heard no one say to get back there like they did when Dad was around. I continued to walk towards my room but I got stopped by my grandma. She asked me why I was in my room so much. I told her that things have changed, so have I, and I walked away, entered my room and shut the door behind me. The storm was calming down and so were the horses. There was no thunder in the sky. The lightening was gone and it was just raining outside.

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This is for my English class. If you notice anything comment. Thanks

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