The adventures of Kaman and Gage

March 28, 2012
By bluefadoodle SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
bluefadoodle SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Once long ago there was a girl named gage who scared everyone around her so she didn’t have any friends. But she had decided to make her own. One day she snuck into the kitchen (while her parents were still sleeping) and got a banana. The banana got two stickers for eyes, a piece of yarn for a mouth, and some pipe cleaners for his arms and legs. After she had finished putting her friend together she started talking to him and taking him to places. But the one thing that gage loved to do with Kaman was go dancing they could dance for hours and hours nonstop. Every night before gage went to sleep she put Kaman in a little bed she made for him right next to hers.
But one night gage woke up to get a glass of water and she found Kaman dancing in his families’ disco room to LMFAO’s sexy and I know it. Kaman didn’t notice gage at first but after the song ended and he got too tired to dance he shut off all the music and lights then started heading to bed. He started walking towards the bedroom when… he saw gage standing in the hallway frozen with surprise. Kaman tried to explain himself but Gage just kept staring which after a little bit turned into a deep angry glare. But after awhile Kaman got tired of explaining himself and went to bed.
Gage’s parents found her standing in the exact spot she was in the night before frozen in shock.
At around lunchtime gage got hungry and decided to quit being frozen. So she went upstairs to get some food. She grabbed a PB&J sandwich with a glass of milk then went upstairs to her bedroom.
After Gage had the sandwich she decided that she had dreamed the whole thing and went back to her normal routine. She talked to Kaman took him places and put him to bed again that night but once again Gage heard noise coming from the disco room she went downstairs and found Kaman dancing again this time to party rock anthem. Gage was not as shocked this time and decided to ask Kaman what was going on. “I love to dance and LMFAO is the bomb” Exclaimed Kaman.
“Well I don’t know why you didn’t tell me you could move and talk. “
“Umm it is kind of a night thing I can only do it at night.”
“Like a werewolf thing?”
“Umm kind of.”
“But you still didn’t tell me I mean I have a talking dancing banana as a friend who lives in my house you could have told me!” “How did you get this way anyway?”
“Our friendship, you were so kind to me that the gods said you needed a friend who could talk back to you and hang out with you. So they gave me life. I am not entirely sure why they only gave it to me at night but I don’t care I still love life.”
“Ok let me get this straight the gods gave you life but only at night and I haven’t found out about it yet. “
“You just did.”
“No I mean umm ugh ok I give up. Wanna to grab a snack I’m starving?”
“Oh yes I would love to try your human food. All this dancing and explaining has made me hungry.”
They went upstairs and into the kitchen. Kaman of coarse had been there but only when he was well let’s say frozen. “Oh my goodness how can this be? Rise brothers and sisters rise.” Kaman commanded the limp bananas.
“Dude they can’t they don’t have life like you do.”
“What well why not you must get them life please oh wise one.”
“What dude I can’t you know that I am not a god right?”
“Well yes but I am only alive because of you, you gave me life or at least made it possible for me to have life.”
“Look I can’t do anything and besides I’m hungry. Do you want something?”
“Yes I suppose.” Kaman said grimly. “What is that?”
“Ice cream its chocolate chip cookie dough my favorite.”
“Ok I suppose I will try some of that.”
“Here you go.” Gage handed him the ice cream. Kaman took a bite and… He was literally jumping off the walls. Spoonful after spoonful he shoved in his mouth.
“Thish is delicoush.” He said though a full mouth.
“Glad you like it.” Gage giggled. “If you like that then you should try my mom’s chocolate chip cookies they are even better.”
“Where are they?” Kaman asked searching the kitchen.
“There aren’t any here at least not right now.” “But the next time my mom makes them I’ll save some for you ok?”
“Yes please.” “Oh no the sun is rising I had better get to bed if I am out of my bed when the sun rises I will become a normal banana.”
“Ok then let’s go” Gage whisked Kaman up the stairs put him cozily in his bad and went into her own. She fell asleep in minutes. She dreamed of her and Kaman and all of the wonderful adventures they will have.
When she woke up it was nearly one in the afternoon. “Oh my, I better get up.” She exclaimed.
“Oh look its sleeping beauty.” Her mother teased.
“You’re lucky it’s a weekend kiddo.” Her dad said.
“Did you make any chocolate chip cookies I thought I smelled some?” Gage asked.
“Man you have a good nose, I just took some out of the oven, help yourself”
“Yay thanks.” She exclaimed running downstairs with about 6 cookies.”
“Umm not that many young lady.”
“Too late she is already gone.” Her dad said just as they heard they door shut.

Gage awoke that night to the sound of chewing. Kaman was down to his last cookie after he had already eaten three. “Slow down or you are gonna get yourself sick.”
“I can’t stop they are just so good. How do you stop yourself?”
“Years of practice.” “So what do you want to do tonight?”
“I want to go to the mall that they show on the commercials.”
“They are not open tonight and besides if I take you out in public I will get in trouble.”
“Just put me in a disguise and pretend I am a toy. And the mall is open 24/7 the commercial said so.”
“Oh fine but if I get in trouble it’s your fault. Ok then let’s do it.” Gage found Kaman a disguise and he put it on. He actually did look like a toy especially when he stood really still like a statue and let Gage move his arms.
“Wait how are we going to get there? There is no way my mom or dad will drive us.”
“I know I can fly us there.”
“You can fly?” Gage asked with her mouth wide open.
“Well of course you didn’t seriously think that the gods would me life and not the ability to fly did you?”
“Ok let’s just go.”

They got there in three minutes flat when it normally would have taken 15 minutes in a car, and that was without traffic. The parking lot was almost empty except for the cars of the workers. So no one spotted them land. After they landed Gage picked up Kaman and held him like a toy. They entered with no problems.
“Do you really think this will work?” asked Gage.
“Of course it will this plan is foolproof.” Kaman whispered silently.

The first they went into was a store called random is us. The clerk looked at them a little weird but then decided it wasn’t worth his time. They looked at outfits, bags, and jewelry. Kaman really wanted a necklace that had a big B-MAN around a chain like the hip hop people wear. But they didn’t have enough money.

Gage saw a white rose in a flowers store and wished that she would find someone to give one to her.
After a while Gage let Kaman go off on his own but he had changed his disguise so he looked like a real little boy.
A couple hours later Gage was walking through a boutique of beautiful dresses. Then all of a sudden she heard the alarm going off. And saw Gage running past her with a trail of security guards after him. “OMG Kaman what are you doing.”
“I. had. to. get. the. bracelet. it. was. so. awesome.” Shouted Kaman between breaths.
“Give us back that bracelet.” One of the security guards said. By now Gage was running alongside Kaman to see what he had stolen. It was a bright green bracelet that said ‘I heart boobies’ on it.
They eventually got out of the mall and had lost the security guards. They reached a gas station and went inside. Kaman and Gage were thirsty from running. So they went over to where the drinks are. Kaman saw a black can with a green claw mark in the shape of an m going down it. He asked Gage to get it for him and she said fine if she could have a drink.
They bought the drink and Gage took the first drink. It felt like nothing she had tasted before. She felt a rush of energy it kept building inside her until finally… She bursts. She had given the drink to Kaman and he looked like he was about to explode too. They were bouncing off the walls finishing sentences before they could even comprehend what they said.
“Hey you kids should cool it on the monster.” Said the gas station clerk.

They left with the monster in hand and still had enough energy to light a light bulb. After they had walked around for three hours finished all of the monster and were still immensely hyper they went to the bowling alley. But that is another story.

The author's comments:
I have always believed in magic and thought it would be cool to have a banana that was like a human but cooler as a friend. It is based on the adventures my friends and I have. This is a comical story. I think it is very funny. I hope it makes people laugh when they read it.

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