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The Life Of A Sinful Stickman

March 19, 2012
By JadGhadieh BRONZE, Beirut, Other
JadGhadieh BRONZE, Beirut, Other
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Right above a pile of old and dusty used papers on an employee's Bureau, there was a special squared piece of paper. What made this piece of paper 'special', is the humble stickman that was randomly sketched on it.
All alone, Stickman borne up the lonliness and bitterness of dwelling on this piece of paper. As the time passed, Stickman was dying more'n more for company. Up until one day he decided to create a ‘Friend’ using the removable sides of the squared paper.
He took off a side from one of the squares on the paper, and curved it with his skinny hands to form a circular ‘Head’.
Then he removed five sides: one for the ‘Body’, two for the ‘Hands’, and two for the ‘Legs’.
With all the parts in front of him, he hooked two of the sides (Hands) to the top of the body, and from its bottom he linked two sides (Legs) as well. After that, he grabbed the circle (Head) and clamped it to the top of the body.
The new hand-made Stickman looked just the same as Stickman. The creator was so excited about his new friend!! He named him 'Stick-Friend', and they blissfully passed great times of joy and fun.
The rest sides of the squared paper have tempted them. They innocently considered creating an entire population of Stickmen {and they managed}. :S
They cleared up the paper by taking off all the rest sides. However,the paper lost it's sides and became no longer squared.
Mindlessly and blindly, the two Stickmen created new Stickmen. Stickmen'n more Stickmen!! :S It was undeniably the sin of Gluttony!!
After two days the paper became nothing but a crazy mess of Stickmen.
Life became so hard, they could barely communicate.
The situation became unbearable, and the paper turned into a riot.
Stickmen afraid,
Stickmen screaming,
Stickmen with no legs,
Stickmen with no heads. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
The Grand Stickmen lost control on this wild and untamed population. It was rather impossible to fix up this mess.
Concerned and hopefully determined to save the souls upon this paper, The Grand Stickman came up with a brilliant idea. He decided to build a 'Ladder' with the few sides rest on the paper. This 'Ladder' no matter what, will surely help them cross their way to the paper beside their's. That paper was blank, larger, and perfeclty fit for all of them.
At this point, he started building up 'The Great Ladder'.
He tried to tell the other Stickmen about his brilliant idea. Unfortunately, no one listened to him, they were in a state of panic.
He tried to convince his old buddy: Stick-Friend, but Stick-Friend rediculed this idea, and gave up directly. The Grand Stickman couldn't bring them round to his idea. However, he ventured into creating the Ladder all by himself.
He managed to build up the ladder, though he could barely find a space.
At the top of the paper the ladder stood. Underneath the ladder there were all the stickmen ‘Horrified’. The Ladder was shuddering, and not as fixed and stern as it was supposed to be.
(the next paper was two inches away)
Step after a step, he reached the peak of it.
At this victorious moment, he glimpsed the hysterical crowd of crazy Stickmen.
Too bad, the quirky Ladder betrayed him and trembled until it collapsed, all in a sudden.
He couldn't make it to the next paper, after he fell down his dream has shattered into pieces just like his broken body.
His parts became no more connected to his body, he was literally broken too.
Ahead of his lifeless body there stood all the wild Stickmen screaming and clueless.
After the tragedy of this small world, as far as we could tell: Stickman has paid the price of his sin!!
It happened that somebody was cleaning out the table. He gathered all the useless papers on the bureau and dropped each in its turn in the 'Paper Shredder'.
Few seconds later, the land of Stickmen was mercilessly sliced into hundreds of slices.

The End!

The author's comments:
A Short Story that'll take you into a small world, you'd never hear about.

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