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   I sigh as Ihear wails upstairs. She's only been here two weeks and already I can't stand her. In the short time she'sbeen in this world, she's richer and more popular than me. My grandparents gave her a $1,000 savingsbond! Will someone please tell me what an infant is going to do with that? They should give it to me; I canuse money. I swear, about a million people come over every day just to see her. "A few relatives youhaven't seen in awhile," Mom says. How many relatives are there? Even my friends come just to seeRosa. I feel completely alone.

"Emily! Could you get Rosa's bottle for me? It's on thecounter," Mom asks.

I sigh as I rise. Usually, questions like this aren't a "yes orno." It's a "Do it now" question. Grown-ups just phrase it that way so you'll do it. I findthe bottle with a pink sucker on it and take it up to Mom.

Nowadays, everything I do revolvesaround the little princess. I'm practically a slave, but I tell myself it's for Mom. Lately, she looks tired andten years older. She says that between an infant, a teenager, a husband and a grouchy cat, life can gettiring. I would take care of Jessie, but she bites and scratches every time I get near her. She's Mom'scat.

Mom's not the only one who thinks life is tiring. I've had a bunch of chores heaped on me. Afterschool I have gymnastics practice every other day, which ends at 8:30. When I get home, I make dinner. Sofar, I've made canned soup, frozen pizza and sandwiches. Then, I stay up till midnight finishing homework.Days I don't have practice, I clean the house, wash my clothes (thankfully, only my clothes), help with thebaby, make dinner and do my homework. Believe me, I know the meaning of being tired.

Today, Ihave to baby-sit Rosa. Why can't Mom hire a babysitter? At noon, I get Rosa's bottle to feed her and, whileshe drinks, I watch TV. She's so noisy! Babies should take lessons in drinking morequietly.

Suddenly I look down at my baby sister. I must admit she's adorable with her toothlesssmile and fuzzy hair. Mom says she sort of looks like me. I look at her chubby face, and she does look likeme, with similar blue eyes and a pretty smile. I pick Rosa up and smile at her. She laughs with glee as I tossher in the air. Then she starts crying. Sighing, I pat her on the back and quietly talk to her. She may becute, but she's very hard to live with. It'll take time adjusting to someone new in the family.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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