King of the forest

March 26, 2012
By Acoustic BRONZE, Lyons, Illinois
Acoustic BRONZE, Lyons, Illinois
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Everyone has a plan, Until they get hit- Tyson

Running for the door, I just can’t handle this anymore. SLAM! Struggling to open my car door rapidly, I actually make good time. The engine starts and I floor it.

“Screw this,” Under my breath, ”I control my life.”

Looking through my side mirror I see her. She is flawless, long dark hair, Perfect legs, Amazing smile, and if you don’t take a look at her you aren’t straight. A bronze skin tone all other girls would murder for, but that anger in her face…. That’s all directed at me. I just can’t do this anymore. She’s running after me in those slippers I got her years ago, those panties I love to see her in.. In winter she is insane to even leave the porch.

Blasting the stereo system in my crown vic, trying to calm myself down. I barely even hear it, my mind is like traffic on the Manheim. There is no flow to work with…. But where to go at two Am? I need somewhere desperately. That’s it! The hill, my sanctuary. Behind that crappy water park they had just built, I’ve been coming here for years. I’m so damn lucky they didn’t touch it with those huge destroying machines.

Pulling up I realize I need my night eyes. Headlights off, leave my phone in the car. I’ll be so alone here, let alone at two in the morning. I stumble on the rock. The only one here and I hit it every time. My spot, not too far from the tree line. Just elevated enough to have a nice little nap. This will totally calm me down.

“What the hell?!?” As I spring up from my slumber.

I notice something running from me, not to big but I reach for my blade. As an Eagle Scout you always are prepared. I never wandered from that motto. It’s gone. I jump up and realize whatever it was it has my belt as well. Whatever it is, it knows a thing or two. It darts into the trees. I follow nimble footed into the forest.

Moon light strikes where I want to walk, clearing my path. I gaze up to see the clearest I have ever seen the moon in my life. I look back down and there it is. I stand in shock to surprise to even say a word. Eye contact. It’s never been so important. Eyes of the clouds, and the bluest shade I have ever seen. We both have no clue what to do. I look to see my belt and blade rest in his hands. Blade still sheathed. I look up a little and notice he is a greenish brown color. I start to back away but he breaks the silence.

“Don’t brother. I know you are stunned with all that has happened, But give me a moment of your time.”

“What could you have to say?” With some question in my voice. I stop back pedaling and actually listen.

“I know you should be of my kin, we are how you say distanced. I have watched you grow in these very woods, with others and alone. I have wanted to confront you for a while, but today is the right time.”
He hands me my belt back, with the blade still on it. I have no slight idea what to do.

“Now I know you will gladly accept, but I want you to join me. My brotherhood awaits for the human to join us. Watch.” He raises a hand and a tree blossoms. My eyes widen and I step closer from where I stand to examine. “ Now as a human you will need years of practice, but you can become one with nature.”

“What must I do?” Without batting an eye I knew this was right.

“Follow me, Let’s begin your training. The brothers will take a liking to you”

The author's comments:
I'm a boy scout and love nature. I wish this could happen to me.

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