The End of the World: A Dream

March 26, 2012
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It started at a basketball game. My brother and I were in the audience watching. There was a common knowledge amongst everyone there that the world was ending today. Thinking of this, I suggested to my brother that we should leave. He agreed.

We went back to my home. I lived alone in an apartment in a nice neighborhood of apartments. My brother was not with me when I entered my house. I paid no attention to this. My friend was there. I do not recall why or what he was doing. I got the idea that lying in the bathtub would save me from whatever was about to happen. I lay down in the tub. Almost immediately I became bored with this and decided to get a pillow. I got out of the tub and went to the living room to get the pillow. I walked out to the front of my house. I stood looking at the beach. My view was perpendicular to the direction the glass front door faced.

The beach was filled with people sitting on lawn chairs and under umbrellas, waiting to watch the world end. It was a spectacle. No one was scared. It would start soon.

The orange sun hovered over the ocean as if about to set. Slowly, the sun began to change color to red. The tide went up as a wave of heat washed over the beach, the blanket of inferno combing the earth incinerated everything instantly. I went back inside to the bathroom of my apartment. My friend was standing there. We looked at each other silently as the inferno reached us. I felt myself beginning to die. It did not hurt. It was a strange feeling. I watched my friend fade away as the same thing happened to me. I can only compare the feeling to what it must feel like to teleport in a sci-fi movie. Everything faded into darkness.

I felt myself alive again. A small light illuminated the area I was in. before me stood a tall, red, demonic statue. Between us, and to my left, was an iron gate blocking a staircase leading up to a light. I went through the gate and up the stairs.

After passing through the light I found my self on the grounds of a college built with Greco-Roman architecture. I walked up a small grass hill to a walkway lined with pillars. The next thing I remember is standing on the roof of one of the buildings at the college. A professor sat on a chimney. A girl from school was also on the roof. She was a pretty girl. She had brown hair and eyes and a soft face. If asked what animal she looked like I would say a lion. I found myself liking her very much at the moment. The professor was teaching us.

I faded back into reality. It was a good dream.

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