No More Presents? Ya Right

March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

In California, on December 1st, Layden Jones was in the middle of putting up his tree with his little sister Hayden, when the question of whether Santa was real or not came up. “Of course not”, Layden replied. “Well mommy said he’s real”, replied Hayden, and the question was not brought up again.

Meanwhile, Santa was in his workshop talking to the elves about Hayden Jones presents. “She wanted a Silly Sally Pony this year, didn’t she?” questioned Santa. “Why yes she did”, answered Papa Elf. The workshop was ready for Christmas, everything smelt like cookies and look as if Christmas exploded in the workshop. Then suddenly, Helena, the evil man trying to destroy Christmas, barged in, “I’m Helena, and I hate Christmas! Now evil minions take the toys, and run for it!” yelled Helena. Santa did everything to stop them, including threatening to take them off the good list, nothing worked! They were out in a blink of an eye.

At the same time in Montana, Sammy Silvers was also helping put up Christmas decorations. Sammy’s mom was talking about how she remembered seeing Santa as a young child while she was waiting up for him Christmas night. Sammy gave her mom such an attitude, “Mom, are you nuttso?! Santa isn’t real! I can’t believe you’d teach your kids that!” Sammy’s mom walked away disappointed and kept putting up the decorations.

Back in Santa’s workshop, Santa was searching threw his book of non-believers and came across Layden Jones…”Well he looks nice, smart, handsome, and sweet”, Mrs. Clause explained, “I can’t believe he’s a non-believer!” “Well how about her?” asked Santa, “Sammy Silvers, she’s smart, pretty, and has quite an attitude” explained Santa. “Bring them on up!” he demanded.

In California and Montana, a strange thing happened at the same exact time to Layden and Sammy. Glitter flew up in the air, and an elf appeared. “I’m Santa’s little helper, you have no choice, please pack your bags and come with me.” Neither of them listened or believed the elf so the elves gave them a little sleeping dust and POOF, there they went to the North Pole.
“Ah, my guests have arrived, Mrs. Clause!” exclaimed Santa. This was his last resort before calling off Christmas.
The long flight on reindeer back was exhausting for Layden and Sammy, also for the elves. They also didn’t know much of what was going on. So Santa gave them both rooms and demanded that he speak to them right when they both wake up from the effects of the sleeping dust.
In the middle of the night, both Layden and Sammy awoke. “What’s going on?” they exclaimed in unison, “And where am I?!” “Well you’re in the North Pole, silly gooses!” explained Papa Elf. “SANTA! YOUR GUESTS ARE AWAKE!” he screamed. The coldness bit at their noses and everything looked as if the reindeers puked up white, red, and green.
While they waited for Santa, Papa Elf explained what was going on and why Layden and Sammy were there.
“While everyone was getting presents ready, Helena barged in and ruined everything. He took toys, animals, and even our Christmas music! We brought you two here because we need someone to help us get the gifts back and help Christmas, also, it’d be nice to have you guys start believing again” explained Papa Elf. “Why’d Helena do such a thing?!” questioned Layden, “Well, believe it or not, I’ve been here awhile and know the story by heart, back in the day when Helena was a young boy, he asked Santa for a karaoke machine. When Santa couldn’t make such a complicated thing, he gave him a CD player instead. This made Helena very mad and he’s been out to ruin Christmas every year since,” “Poor Santa, he did nothing wrong” sympathized Layden. Sammy couldn’t believe he was falling for it, until Santa walked in, and a wave of silence appeared like a thief in the night. “So Sammy, I see you’re still not buying this. Christmas is in 24 days and I need those presents back, you hear me?!” yelled Santa. He looked mad as a baby with dirty diaper when he yelled. “Whoa, Santa, hold your horses sir, you shouldn’t be speaking to the children like that. Let’s get down to business, we need you guys to go get those presents and save Christmas. In return, you’ll get whatever you desire.” explained Papa Elf. With a raise of their eyebrows, “Done,” they said together.
In their black ski masks and outfits, they were ninjas as they went off into the night. Helena didn’t know what hit him! Layden and Sammy jumped through the windows once they got to Evil Land, where everything was dark and scary. Layden and Sammy grabbed the presents from under the giant llama and ran like crazy. Helena couldn’t do a thing about it, otherwise he’d go to jail for stealing! “See you later, you loser!” snotted off Sammy as they were running away.
Once Sammy and Layden got far enough away, they finally had time to start talking about what they thought of each other. “It kind of seems like Santa knew we had been talking on Bellybook forever and wanted to meet each other!” explained Layden “I think I know what I’m wishing for from Santa”, giggled Sammy. Layden knew too but didn’t say a word.
When they got back to the North Pole, Santa was ecstatic! “You guys saved Christmas! Thank you so much! What would you guys like?” he asked. Sammy and Layden both looked at each other and smiled.
Sammy and Layden both helped Santa with the presents and also got to eat some cookies too! After delivering all the presents with Santa before Christmas morning, Sammy and Layden went home to pack their bags with their families and come back.
In the end, Sammy and Layden’s families moved to the North Pole and all lived happily ever after, helping Santa every year for the future to come. As for Sammy and Layden, they both went to college at The University of Reindeer Flying together and got married and had a child named, Nick, later on.

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