the mystery of santa his elves and what happened two months before christma

March 26, 2012
By Anonymous

One night at the north pole about two days before Christmas the smell of candy canes filled the air and the trees were nice and crisp, but then something mysterious happened. So, it was about 5:00 in the afternoon two elves were working late Bijou tum tums an attractive elf that had brown hair and smelled like hot coca with fresh marshmallows Batty Smickle If a Gus on the other hand batty smickle had ugly glasses and a big nose and used a little too much candy cane shampoo. They were working on putting the finishing touches on some trains when two evil elves ohipper floppy feet and pinky fluffy feet both unattractive with big greasy noses. They grabbed bijou and smickle and put them in a potato sack. Santa came about a half an hour later he said
“Where are my favorite elves? Where are you bijou and smickle?”
Pinky said in a deep crackling voice with a jersey scent. “I don’t know boss maybe they left theys don’t like you anymore.”
Ohipper feeling guilty scarily said or maybe they are in the back closet. Nudging her head backward to get Santa to try to take a hint.(imagery)
Santa gathered a search party. Every elf and reindeer. Santa clause and Mrs. Clause they all called
“Bijou smickle where are you we need you we love you. No answer
`For along time Santa and the other elves were very depressed. Santa wouldn’t drink cocoa Fr eat his cookies. MRS. Clause wouldn’t decorate the trees or play with the elves.
There were no snowball fights or gingerbread making contests. No popcorn on a string. There were no more crisp green pine trees with the rainbow garland wrapped around and the shiny glowing star on top.(imagery)
One snowy day about a day or two before Christmas ohipper felt really bad and super guilty so she went to Mrs. Clause and she wept.

“I am so sorry I didn’t I was just jealous and pinky made I swear I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”
Mrs. Clause said confused. “Wait what are you talking about?”

“bijou and smickle. Pinky and I we took them, and we hid them in the broom closet behind the sleigh. Please don’t be mad at me. I just felt like they were most important. I just wanted some of the lime light. When everybody became depressed I didn’t know what to do pinky was happy with torturing them I told him I was done about a week after it happened I promised I wouldn’t tell can you help me get them out of there please?”

Well this is a slap in t he face. Now ohipper you know that was very naughty right
Yes Mrs. Clause I do I really do.
Ok now let’s go to that broom closet.
They opened the room closet and they fell out. They went to the doctor to make sure everything was fine. It was so they went back to normal.
Ohipper told her Santa got back his top elves ohipper even got promoted.
So that the end of my story merry Christmas!
“And to all a good night!

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