the seach for santa and curtis

March 26, 2012
By bobthegreat BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
bobthegreat BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Once upon a time in the North Pole Santa and his elf’s decide to build a big snow fort. His elves were all similar in the fact they had ears as pointy as needles, they talked like mice, and they were an average height of three feet. The snow fort the Santa, Curtis, and Bernard build is as big as a car. It was in the shape of an igloo. The sides were smooth because Santa took dozens of buckets of water and poured water on top of the igloo snow fort. The sides were so smooth nobody could walk up them. The fort only had one small entrance that was too small for Santa, but he could slip inside because of the icy outer coating.
It was a beautiful day you could see the mountains the snow fall of the trees. But miss’s clause decides to take a visit to go see Santa and she could not find him. She looked at the work shop; there house, the cookie shop but she could not find him. She asked elves and other people but just could not find him. She then realized that Bernard was missing and so was Curtis. Bernard is the heed elf, he has pointy ears he is very tall and he gets along with everyone. Curtis, on the other hand, is a friend of Bernard and very short with very pointy ears and is 180 years old. He is the second head elf, and he walks with a rag wrapped around his eyes (metaphor). He is practically a walking blind man.

When Santa was building his snow fort out in the middle of nowhere he got stuck in side of it and he tried to get out but he was to fat to get out. Santa said “I need to lie of the cookies”.
Then one of the Bernard tries to look for him but he just can’t seem to find Santa. Finial Curtis is walking in the middle of nowhere and he see’s Santa in this snow fort. Curtis decided to join him in the snow fort but when Curtis tries to get out the snow fort falls on top of them.

Then all the elves find Curtis and Santa and try to pull them out but Santa, is in the way with his big belly. Finally, the decision was to let Santa and Curtis spend the night in the fallen snow fort out in the cold. The elves come the next day with a very large fork lift that was sweating because Santa was so heavy (personification). When Santa and Curtis are finally out they look like to hobos (simile). Then Miss Clause runs over to Santa and is very excited. She hugs Santa and says I love you. Then when everybody gets back they have a very nice Christmas dinner, and they live happily ever after.

The author's comments:
I am proud of this article because it inspired me:)

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