A Perfect Dream

March 26, 2012
By EmilyPorter BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
EmilyPorter BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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I always hate it when you have the best dreams and then wake up to find reality. It stinks, and it happens to me all the time! Recently, my dream was awesome. I wish I could have stayed in that dream life forever. It was perfect! I had gone to sleep and soon….

I was lying out on a beach, tanning. It was beautiful, whicdidn't’t take me long to figure out. It said Fiji everywhere! I started to get very happy and excited! I took in the view around me. The sand was like little white crystals, and the ocean was a clear as glass and a sea green color. Looking at the horizon, you could see little tiny sailboats. I looked behind me and saw a lot of tall palm trees and my most favorite thing of all…….shopping outlets! Everywhere! The sun was high in the sky shining as bright as ever! However, the temperature was great! I could tell it was going to be a good day.

After I was done freaking out, I got myself together and checked around me. All I had was my purse. I checked inside and had my basic stuff, plus $1,000! I freaked out some more and then notic edI hadn’t come on this trip alone. My befirend Aracley had come with me. She said I had fallen asleep when I was tanning. She had a cool looking smoothie that was lime green and was said to be very sweet and sour. I had to get one, so we packed our stuff and went to get my drink and then go shopping.

Once I had gotten my drink, we started to go into each store. It was like heaven. They had everything we ever wanted and, with a lot of money, I got everything I wanted. I got tons of clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, and much more. I got a ring that changes color in the sun and nail polish that was very bright and glittery. And out of all these purchases, this included many amazing souvenirs.

After that, the rest of the day was a blast. We went back to the water and surfed, something I always wanted to do. We also went snorkeling and found some awesome seashells to take home with us. When we were beet red and were about to drop, we headed for our hut-type thing we were staying in. It was on stilts above the water and was really cute. We cleaned up and went to our beds to take a nap. Later I realized I would regret that nap.

Instead of waking up to an ocean breeze and the sound of the waves and paradise music, I woke up to an annoying alarm at 6:20 A.M. in the morning. It was a Monday…the worst day of all. I came to reality and started to get ready for school. I then, replayed the whole dream in my head. It’s weird how a whole day could happen in one night and how it feels so real. It was perfect. Maybe we dream perfect lives because its pretty hard to have a perfect life.

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