Hearts or Faces

March 25, 2012
By givemeparis SILVER, Kinston, North Carolina
givemeparis SILVER, Kinston, North Carolina
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My mind is a doll factory. It works steadily and flawlessly.
I see a person and instantly wrap them up in a box, stamping the label on their forehead and then moving on to the next person I see. Some of my most popular products include the party girls, the Goths, the scene kids, the hot guys, and the weird ones. When I catalog these “dolls”, I’m amazed by how quickly I could tell you what genre of music they listen to, where they shop, who they hang out with, and even what their love life is like.
I think I’m missing the point though. I categorize people with such ease according to their first impression, but I wonder what boxes I would put them in if I saw their hearts instead of their faces.
I wonder if the world would be a happier place if our hearts and souls dictated our physical attractiveness.
I wonder if the weird ones would be the most beautiful.

The author's comments:
I hope readers will step back and think after reading this piece. Too often we judge by appearance and overlook those who don't strike our eyes. I have met many plain people with the most beautiful hearts, and I wish that I only saw their hearts, not faces.

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