March 21, 2012
The chains that hold me down bind me to the Earth. I've tried screaming, but no one can hear me, not through the waves, the ocean crashes on the beach miles from me. Days that I can see a boat feel like a miracle but all they hear are the waves. There is nothing I can do to be heard. The bindings are thick, strong, metal chains, they literally freeze solid in the winter and heat up enough to burn my skin in the summer. Everyday the sun rises and falls and the dolphins jump out of the water to greet me and splash water on me but eventually they swim away when I don't splash back, they don't understand that I can't. These chains are binding my life, they are my past, present, and right now? the future. If anyone could free me I would welcome them with open arms, just to hear someone's voice would be a blessing. I feel caged, someone save me.

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