March 21, 2012
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Imagine having a rock tied around your ankle by someone you thought you could trust. You dont think much of it until they push you off a bridge. You're falling. You hit water and before you know it you're sinking. You can't breathe. The burning in your lungs is becoming unbearable. The weight of the rock is pulling you down into the dark, deep water. You fight, struggle, to no avail. You know it's the end. You stop struggling and let yourself go. You wonder when you are going to hit rock bottom. But just before you do, you feel a strong arm around you, pulling you up. You begin to rise and feel a small ray of hope. You break the surface with your rescuer. You can breathe. You see the light of the sun. Relief floods through you as you realize that you are alive. Things have changed, but life goes on. The world keeps turning and you keep living. But every time you close your eyes, you see the darkness of the water and feel like you are sinking. You can feel the pain of not being able to breathe. You are in pain. Your eyes snap open and you know that it was only a dream. You are alright; but only until you close your eyes again.

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