March 21, 2012
By Anonymous

Death. What is death? You never know until it happens to you. All the air being sucked out of your lungs. Your body just trying to get out those last gasps of air. What do you say? What do you think of when you know that your life is coming to an end in a minute or a second? Or if your death is slow and you go on in your sleep. Well were do you go when you are dead. Everybody thinks they have a choice of heaven or the underworld; well welcome to reality there is no choice. I was twelve when I had died. Now, I am sixteen and I know where most people go when they die. There is no Heaven or underworld you go to elsewhere. That is a vague world elsewhere. You end up on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The ship is just someday going to drop you off in the middle of nowhere when you least expect it. That is when you make your choice. You decide who or what your afterlife is going to. Where you spirit is going to end up. Faith. Faith is all your decision takes. I remember when I died. I was twelve I simply loved to play a role in the elimination. This was a game that our government had made each year it went on. I trained all year then finally worked up the courage to actually participate. The elimination is a fight to the death. The last person standing wins. My mother told me never to participate but I did this secretly knowing that I could win nut I was wrong I could not do this. I decided in the middle of the night that I could not see and if I did not get any warmth I was going to die of freezing to death. I started a fire thinking that everyone was asleep. Then realized that I was being watched before I could turn around someone had me in a triangle choke and slowly sliced my neck with I sharp pocket knife. Then I showed up here. I still have a large open wound on the front of my neck though and am scared to handle a knife.

The author's comments:
Not sure if i should keep going but, Enjoy !

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