Elizabeth's Hope

January 22, 2008
By Brooke Bulley, Kentwood, MI

Ch. 1: I miss her already
I woke up the next morning and saw a picture of me and Jane hugging. I had tears in my eyes; I couldn’t beleive that had Jane move. Moved all the way to floridia. It seemed to not be real. I felt like our friendship was over. Then I remembered the letter she left me, how it said our friendship would last forever no matter how far away we lived. She was right. She seems to always be right when it comes to situations, and that’s what I liked best about her!

Ch. 2: school

When I got to school silence aroused the whole class. Then I sat down, and everyone was staring at me! I didn’t like it. It made me feel weird. Why were people staring at me? Then I herd someone wisper, “her friend Jane left… I feel so bad for her…they were friends for over 10 years.” Then I knew that everyone felt bad for me. It made me feel good that people actually cared. Then, after that class, my friend Susie walked up to me and said, “things aren’t the same without Jane.” And I replied, “I know.”

Ch. 3: the phone call

I finnally called Jane and she answered,
“He… Hello?” She said.
The sound of her voice made me smile, knowing she was by my side, then I answered, “Jane, is that you... it Elizabeth”
“ELIZABETH! I’ve missed you so much I was going to call you!” she said.
“Ive missed you too!” I said. Then, she started crying, then I started crying. We both wanted to hold hands but we couldn’t, we wanted to see eachothers faces but we couldn’t, it was so sad.

Ch. 4: I can!

Then the next thing she told me was crazy!
“My mom said that I could come back up to Michigan to visit for 1 week next summer, every summer!”
“Really?” I asked!
“Really! It will be so much fun!” she replied.
Then I knew that our friendship would stay together.

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