Vinny's Little Favor

January 22, 2008
By Amanda Achin, Attleboro, MA

Along the shore, Billy was walking when he came across a message in a bottle. Billy had heard about these before, but had never found one. California really was cooler than Texas; he had just moved a month before. Dallas did not compare to Orange County. Eagerly, Billy picked up the bottle and opened it, finding a set of directions.

“Follow and collect the red string on the ground below. Go towards the right when you reach the end of the string. Hand the red string to the man standing in front of Al’s Bait Shop in exchange for his suitcase. I will be waiting for you at Sally’s Diner. Just follow the directions correctly and there’s something in it for you.”
Keenly, Billy put the bottle in his backpack and began to follow the string. Luckily Billy was a black belt so he was confident about being safe. Minutes slowly went by as he walked towards the shop. Nothing could stop him now. On the sidewalk, there the man stood with the suitcase. Propping the suitcase into Billy’s arms, the man took the string and walked away. Quickly, Billy started towards Sally’s Diner. Right inside Billy found the man; he could just tell it was him. Suddenly cops surrounded Billy and the man.
“Throw the suitcase on the ground and put your hands up!”
Until this moment Billy had never felt so scared in his life. Vinny was the name of the man and the cops had been watching him carefully; he was a prominent drug dealer in Orange County. While Vinny was getting arrested, the cops talked to Billy and eventually just let him go. Xavier, Billy’s roommate would never believe this story and would make fun of him forever. Yellow tape blocked the door of the diner and the cops began investigating. Zombies walking the streets were almost as believable as his story so he chose to keep it to himself.

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