Florescent Fairy Freak-Out

January 21, 2008
By Haleigh Timmers, Lowell, MI

Her friends knew she was weird with a taste of insanity, but they liked it that way as they looked at Jessica as she entered the library. For an assignment they were supposed to dress as a fictional character; Jessica had taken it a step too far.
Her flashy wings were huge and colorful, and as walked over to them, they bobbed. Her outfit was no less colorful or unique. She had high gloves running up her arms, and a florescent rainbow dress hanging down to her knees with socks that matched her gloves reaching up to her dress. What would her shrink say to this, we didn’t want to know?
Christmas break was approaching fast and apparently and stress of the holidays was getting to Jessica because this was even a little too over-the-top for her. Come to think of it, with Christmas right around the corner, we might have felt a little better if she had been wearing a red bathrobe with a large bag of presents swung over her shoulder. No such luck.
She did have a bag of presents that she handed out to all of us, and we could barely take our eyes off of her to look at our gifts. She was just so shiny and colorful. It was truly scary. Yeah, a fairy bearing gifts and good tidings.
In history she almost made General VanderWarf fall over a chair when he saw her. “Hey Jessica,” Chelsey jested. “You just make guys fall for you. Too bad it’s the general.”
“What can I say, I attract the weird ones,” Jessica answered with a smile. The rest of us were going blind at the sight of her.
Lunch was weird. Weirder than weird actually. Way weirder. Weirder than that. Anywho, Jessica started… dancing. Well, Haleigh couldn’t help but join in even she was short a fairy costume. The two of them looked absolutely ridiculous twirling around the main hallway, but their tango wasn’t all that bad.
People stopped and stared, and one person dropped a quarter near them. If they hadn’t been so busy being weird, they may have taken the opportunity to make some serious cash, but of course, weirdness took precedence.
By the end of the day, the whole school knew about the fluorescent fairy, and when Jessica reported to Mrs. Kolp, she got a ton of extra credit. The mini-Kolp had done so well, and been so weird, that she totally deserved it.
When Jessica asked when they would be doing another assignment like this, Mrs. Kolp looked over at Jessica with a wary eye.
“I have an awesome ax-murderer outfit. We could have some serious fun with this.”
Mrs. Kolp didn’t know what to say, and luckily she didn’t have to think of anything because Mrs. Swift came in then. Mrs. Swift, being unaware of the fairy, nearly tripped over the desk behind her at the sight of Jessica.
Amanda popped in then and recalled Chelsey’s comment from earlier. “Jessica, they’re falling for you again.”
“I know, what can I say? I’m just that amazing.” And she really was.

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