January 21, 2008
By Stephanie Ragland, Bermuda Dunes, CA

A long time ago there once was a girl who had special abilities. She was like Wonder Woman but worse. She didn’t know how to control her powers. Her powers were she could control time and can tell if someone is lying or not. So she isn’t exactly like Wonder Woman which is why she is worse.
Seirra got her powers when she turned thirteen, and she wasn’t very happy about it. When she finally figured out that she had these powers and that something was wrong with her, it was too late. She just got done reading her friends mind.
“Oh my god, you really think that I’m only talking to the cheerleaders to get more popular! That is so not true, I can’t believe you!” Seirra told Mary.

“What are you talking about? I would never say something like that to you!” Mary replied.

Sierra walked away from her friend, and skipped her next class to walk home and scream her head off!

“Why aren’t you in school right now?”

“Mom, I came home for lunch.” she shouted, “I switched my lunch and science classes for today.”

“Okay well what would you like for lunch? I can make it really quick for you before I go to work.”


“Sure why not. I’m going to have to make it by the can so I won’t be late to work. Is that okay with you?” Seirra’s mother answered

Seirra didn’t answer her; she just walked straight to her room and pulled out her favorite book. What she didn’t know is that there was a note hidden inside it which was left by her uncle the night before. “Oh, wow what is this?”

The note told her about her powers, and gave her the address to her uncle’s house.

Ding, dong.

She rang the doorbell and waited outside for five minutes before walking away. She was half way down his driveway when she heard the door open.

“Wait a minute, where are you going? Don’t you want to know about your ‘project topic’?”

“UNCLE GEORGE! God, I only came over because you told me in the note that you have something for me?”

“Yes, I do, but you need to come IN, to get it.” He yelled laughing as he went inside the garage. Seirra followed him and stared, while he went into this old jewelry box.

“Why do you have that? Aunt Jill doesn’t even wear jewelry.” She told him.

“It was my mothers. And she was just like you. She have it to me and said, ‘sweetie I want you to give this little notebook to your daughter when she has the powers she needs to use it’ so I don’t have a daughter and your mother didn’t want to have children before your grandmother died, so she gave it to me.”

“oh.” Was all that Seirra could say.

When Seirra got home from her visit with her uncle, she went to go talk to her mom and ask her about her powers.

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