Lena and Jes

January 21, 2008
By Kelcie Kabeary, Indio, CA

Once upon a time there was a girl name Lena. This girl was the prettiest girls on this planet. There was only one problem about her; she was the meanest girl alive. Whenever somebody wanted to be her friend she would try to scare them off or say mean things to them. Then one day this really sweet girl who always saw the best in people, was walking all around her neighborhood that day. She walked up to Lena and said "Hi my name is Jes. What’s your name?"
"Don't talked to me, I am your worst nightmare!" answered Lena. Jes knew that it wasn't the real her that was just speaking. So they walked away from each other but Jes was coming back for sure. So then about an Hour later Jes saw Lena again. This time she was going to get an answer no mater what. "So," Jes said, "Here’s the deal I am new in town and my mom said I am not coming home till I have a new friend and spend the day with them and trust she will find out some how. So tell me what’s your name?"
“The names Lena."
“Why do you put on this act?" asked Jes. "It's that obvious!" answered Lena. "Ha I got you I never even knew you had an act, but it is a way to crack you if you do have one!" Yelled Jes," Why do you do it, you have nothing to hide and you are very smart and pretty, I mean what’s there to hide?"
"I don't know. I mean I have never been like this before, I don't know what happen to me."
“You should come to my house and I will give you a complete makeover, okay?”
“Ummm, I guess so.” So for the rest of that night Jes gave Lena a makeover and Jes ended up having a sleepover and Lena was there. Jes and Lena Became best friends after that day and they always did stuff together. There was something that Jes would always tell Lena and I was that if you are beautiful than you need to show it, don’t crumble it up and throw it in the trash. They grew up together and they tried there hardest to get in the same college but they didn’t get to do that. Then ever weekend they would meet up and hang out. They both met the love of their lives and they both got married and they were both in each others weddings. They are still telling there friends and family members how they became best friends. That’s the story of Lena and Jes.

My middle name is my grandmas name.

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