Dark Hunger

January 21, 2008
By Ella Powers, South Solon, OH

She closed her eyes against the world around her and lay her head against the trunk of the tree. This was the only place in the entire world that she could come to get away from her own life, and there she stood, her head and back lying against her favorite tree, hidden by her favorite headstone. She had been fighting with her dad again. She refused to resort back to cutting herself, so she had left the house before she had gotten the chance to get a hold of her razor blade. She had come to the only place that she felt safe and no one would bother her. It was were she found peace in which she could collect her thoughts or even write her books or stories, but something was different about tonight. She didn't feel as if she were alone. If it was one of the kids that she hung around with lurking in the shadows waiting to scare her she would probably kick the s*** out of them. She was not in the mood, not now... not ever. She heard footsteps behind her. She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Who's there," she called into the darkness. There came no answer, just the eerie feeling that one gets when they are being watched. The moon was new, so the only light to see by was located at the entrance of the cemetery. She heard the footsteps draw near to her back and then stop. "I know you're out there, so who the h*** is it," she said. She felt the wind pick up just enough to send a chill down her spine and to toss her hair about on her shoulders. She took a deep breath and turned around to find no one in sight. she nearly laughed at herself for being startled so easily, then, she felt a hand fall gently on her shoulder and a face draw near to her's. A whisper caused the hot breath of who ever it was to tickle her ear. "It's Death".

The whisper was a male's voice, she knew that much. "what the-?" She whipped around to find a boy about her age standing in front of her. He wore black jeans that hung loosely on slim hips, and a plain black t-shirt. Over the t-shirt he wore a black leather jacket. The collar had been pulled up against the night chill. He had shoulder length black hair and beautiful black eyes. Her breath caught in her throat. He was utterly gorgeous! She swallowed hard, then open her mouth to speak. " Who the h*** are you," she asked, her voice quivering ever so slightly. The boy smiled. "Aiden," he told her. His voice was deep and smooth and it wrapped around her, causing her to shiver slightly. She stared at him. "What the h*** are you doing in the cemetery in the middle of the night," she asked? Aiden's smile broadened. "I could ask you the same question... then again, I might not want to know the answer". She rolled her eyes. "And your name is..." he asked? She watched as his eyes flicked over her body. she pulled her black Vampire Freaks jacket tighter around her. "Leigh," she replied. Aiden inclined his head, causing her long hair to fall into his unnaturally beautiful face. "Nice to meet you, Leigh," he said. "And you," Leigh replied, nodding. They stood in silence for a few moments. Leigh looked away from Aiden's penetrating gaze and down at her feet. "So might I ask you why you are in a cemetery alone in the middle of the night," Aiden asked, finally breaking the awkward silence? Leigh looked up into his eyes. "Only if we can walk, because I am about to freeze," she replied. He nodded and allowed her to lead the way. "Would you like my jacket," he asked? Leigh shook her head. "i should be fine as long as we are moving around," she said.

Leigh didn't know why, but this mysterious stranger seemed so easy to open up and talk to. She found herself telling him about the fight she had had with her father and why she had chosen the cemetery, of all places. Aiden listened in silence as they walked. Once she had finished she turned to him. "And you? Why were you here," she asked? Aiden thought about how he would answer to this one. That his parents had kicked him out so he was sleeping there? That he had seen her walking in there and had decided to follow her because she had looked upset? This girl was different though. Something about her told him she would believe none of his lies. Why not try telling her the truth? She watched him expectantly while he ran his options through his mind. What could happen? She could go running and screaming, but he no one would believe her, and there was no way she was quicker than him. She watched him, obviously waiting for his answer. He turned to her and took a deep breath. Ah, what the h***? "I came here to catch some supper. To drink the blood of unsuspecting humans like you," he finally admitted. How cliche did that sound coming from his mouth? Leigh stared at him. "You mean to say you are a vampire," she asked? Aiden inclined his head in a small nod. "I am," he replied smoothly. Leigh rolled her eyes. "And you honestly expect me to believe that," she asked as he looked into her eyes and nodded. "Why in the h*** did he want her to know the truth about him so bad? His kind were supposed to stay in the shadows they were known to stalk, to remain the things that go bump in the night and give the literature buffs something to read about. He watched as she jutted her chin out defiantly. "Prove it," was all that she uttered in a voice that was almost a growl. He stared at her in awe as his hunger bit harder on his body. He felt his fangs unsheathe themselves. The scent of her blood called to him and awoke something dark and evil deep inside him. Something that was cursed upon you, along with the Dark Gift.

Leigh gasped and jumped backwards, nearly tripping over the roots of a nearby tree. Aiden opened his eyes, which glittered like black diamonds now, and was upon Leigh before she could even utter a sound. He hold of her arm and forced her to look at him. At the beast that had surfaced. "Is this what you wanted to see girl? Is this proof enough for you Leigh," he snarled? She just stared at him. The sane part of her was screaming at her to punch out that fancy dental work and high tail it the h*** out of there, but something kept her where she was. Something gave her courage to provoke him. Perhaps courage wasn't the word for it. Perhaps it was stupidity. "Why are you not running and screaming like the rest? Why are you not fighting me," he asked? His voice was deep and almost demonic and it sent a chill down her spine, but as insane as she was, she wasn't afraid, she was intrigued. "It is a frightening sight, I must admit at least that much, but I'm not afraid," she told him. Aiden's expression softened, if only for a moment. He knew she was lying, he could smell her fear, but it took courage to face a being that was nine hundred times stronger than you. "And I am not convinced," she added. Fool! Why would she provoke him? Why would she endanger her life like that? He knew that she was more than convinced, he could see it in her eyes. The scent of her was driving him mad and her blood was calling to him. His mind was beginning to spin. Just one little taste wouldn't hurt a thing. He shook the symptoms away and got ahold of himself. To lose control would ensure another life lost on his behalf, because of his curse. He took a deep breath. All he had to do was stay under control and she would be fine. He gently pushed her head to the side.

Her throat throbbed with life beneath his deadly fangs. "Do it," Leigh whispered. His bloodlust over came him and he could hold the dark hunger no longer. He closed his eyes and plunged his fangs into her tender skin, allowing the elixir of her life to pour into his body. Her blood warmed his thraot and pulsed through his veins. She uttered the smallest gasp and fought only for a moment until she stroked her hair once. She sighed and her breathing came harder. She dug her nails into his leather clad shoulders to the point of pain. He let out a guttural groan as the pull of her blood began to suck him in. He knew that he had to stop, yet something told him that he didn't have to. He could finish her off and be done. He hadn't had enough yet. No! He would not take this girl's life. She was barely 17. She had a whole life to live. With one final burst of energy, he pushed her away from his and wiped his mouth.

Leigh felt her hand rise to touch her neck. She pulled it back to find crimson smears of blood on her fingers. She gaped at Aiden, who leaned against a headstone in front of her. He seemed as if he were out of breath. "That... wasn't so bad," she mumbled, more to herself than to him. He nodded. His teeth and eyes had returned to normal and his skin seemed to posses more color. "I can make it feel like that. I can refrain from killing, but others like me can't, or won't," he told her. She watch as he repositioned himself against the headstone and watched her. Was all of this seriously happening? If not then hr imagination had done a d*** fine job of concocting the perfect vampire! She watched him in silence as he fidgeted with the zipper of his jacket for a few moments. Finally he thrust himself from the stone and walked over to her. He leaned down and kissed her gently upon the forehead, then turned and began to walk away. "Wait," she said. He stopped and turned to face her. She took a deep breath. "I know this is going to be really childish and sappy, but will I see you again," she asked? He raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "Sooner than you think, Leigh. Sooner than you think". With that he turned away once more, pulling the collar of his jacket up and walked away. She watched as he disappeared into the darkness from which he had come. His words seemed to echo off of the graves and cling to the night air. Sooner than you think...

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