Shattered Glass

January 21, 2008
My life is h***. It never used to be but lately there is nothing more I hate, than my own life. Last year I had the friends, the family, the love, the care, the feeling of being needed. This year its all gone, my friends have changed and my father left my mother and took his love, care and his feelings of needing me with him. The anti-depressants that the doctor prescribed are gone and after my mother leaves for work I search her room for pain killers or anything. Instead I come across a hand gun in her dresser drawer. My delusional mind gives me an idea, but is there really only one answer. Am I sure? Is this really the only way out? I’m not positive but I’m as sure as I’m going to get.

A week later I was out of my mind, needing my pills more than ever. Inside the pocket of my sweatshirt is the gun I stole from my mother’s dresser drawer and as I pass the principal in the hall my heart starts beating really fast. Its now or never and the mean comment from the jock who passes by my locker is the last straw on the camels back. My arm is raised and the first shot is fired. It shatters the glass door and puts one girl on the floor. The whole school scatters and the principal announces we are on immediate lockdown. No one saw me? Am I safe? Is the girl on the floor okay? My mind is going a million miles a second. What have I done, I think as I enter the library for the lockdown procedure.
As I enter the library I see there is no librarian or teacher, only the student volunteer. The room starts spinning and I can’t believe what I’ve just done. I have two choices, play innocent and put the gun back in Mother’s drawer as soon as I get home or hold this room hostage and finish what I’ve started. I decide to go with the second plan and I pull the gun out of my pocket, again, and point it at Sarah, the student volunteer. The room starts screaming and I begin to yell, “Stop screaming! Put all cell phones on my desk and line up against the window! Now!” I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth.
After almost two hours on lockdown I hear noises in the hall, shove the gun in my pocket and slowly open the door to walk outside. As soon as both my feet are out of the doorway the library door slams shut and I hear the bolt of the lock click. As I wander the hall acting innocent I see a man, no one I know just a familiar face. After a few minutes of meaningless conversation he watches me put the gun to my head and tries to change my mind. I tell him it’s too late and I’m sorry. Just like that, the second shot is fired and I’m on the floor. I’m gone.

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Warm_My_Heart said...
Jun. 26, 2011 at 3:36 pm

This is really good!

I think a better ending would be this:


After a few minutes of meaningless conversation he watches me put the gun to my head. He tries to change my mind and coax me with loving words."I'm sorry," I mutter," but it's too late."

I pull the trigger. Finally, I am free.

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