January 21, 2008
There was a turtle named Herman. Herman wasn’t very confident; he always needed help getting through things in life. One day Herman’s home was burnt to the ground in a forest fire. The only place that wasn’t burnt to the ground was across the highway. So Herman had to cross the highway to find a new home. This was a big change for Herman and he wasn’t feeling very confident about crossing the highway. So when the time came to cross the highway he said to himself “I can’t do this.” Herman just stood there staring at all the cars driving by scared to death. A frog came up to Herman and said “What’s the matter” Herman replied, “I’m having trouble crossing the highway.” The frog said “Watch me it’s easy.” As the frog crossed the road Herman was thinking to himself there is no way I can do this. The frog was on the other side and said, “Come on you can do it” Herman said “I don’t think I can do it I will just wait a little longer.” Frog said “suit yourself and good luck to you.” As dark rolled around Herman decided to find a place to sleep for the night.

At sunrise Herman woke up and went to find some food. He’s going to need a full belly for his journey to cross the highway. After filling up his belly he went back to the highway to find a safe place to cross. As he was looking for a place to cross he met a rabbit. The rabbit said “Hello, what seems to be the problem here? You look kind of scared.” “I am scared I can’t find a place to cross and even if I do find a place I wont be able to cross. I’m just not confident in myself” Herman replied. The Rabbit said “Well I can help you cross the road if you like.” Herman accepted Rabbit’s offer. Rabbit said “All you need to do is believe in yourself, then you can do anything.” Rabbit suggested doing a small task to build up Herman’s confidence so they did. Herman and Rabbit walked back by the burnt forest. Rabbit said “Get on the broken tree” Herman replied “Why?” “Because it will help you boost your confidence; if you can do this you can cross the highway,” Rabbit said. “Now I want you to walk across this tree,” Herman replied, “Okay.” As Herman was struggling to cross the tree he said “Oh my god I can’t believe I’m doing it.” Rabbit said “Good job I think you are ready now.” They walked back to the highway. Herman said “Oh man I don’t know I if I can do this.” Rabbit said “Don’t worry just believe in your self and you can do it.” They took the first step. Herman said “I’m feeling pretty good about this.” They took it step by step they were half way across the highway. Rabbit said “I know you can finish!” They were on the other side. Rabbit said “I knew you could do it. You had it in you all along you just needed to believe in yourself.” Herman said “Thank you so so much but it’s getting dark and I need to get to my new home.” Rabbit replied “Okay and you are very welcome, don’t forget. Just believe in yourself.”

As Herman settled in his new home he became very confident in himself and could do anything. As long as he remembered to believe in himself he knew he could do anything.

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