Tellular Celephone

January 21, 2008
By Sara Cohen, Great Neck, NY

It’s funny how one moment can change a lifetime. One decision can make or break you. A lie can be stretched so far, that even the truth will contain stitches of exaggeration. It’s funny how fast you grow up. How one second, it’s New Years Eve with your friends and the next, it’s summer with someone else. I love it how one day, one moment will make you the happiest person alive. It’s those 2 AM phone calls that you can’t wait for, until it’s 1:30 and you’re passed out in your bed. Or maybe it’s those times when you can break open an Oreo perfectly, cream on one side and chocolate on the other. Maybe it’s your first kiss, and those imaginary fireworks that burst into a trickle of reds and blues in your head. Sometimes it’s your best friends, the ones whose pictures are taped up on the wall next to your head. Or that inside joke you can’t remember, but if you could, you’d probably burst out laughing. It’s the new experiences that replace old sadness. Or being able to sit around in your pajamas with your stuffed dog with one eye that you take everywhere. It’s the music that comes blasting out of the stereo that you can’t help but sing to. Sometimes, it’s those quirks, like being able to unwrap a starburst with your tongue. It’s those good-byes that make you cry, even though you swore you wouldn’t. It’s the moment you realize that perfection doesn’t actually mean being perfect, but being you. It’s a funny thing, life is. Expecting one thing but blurting out, ‘MY TELLULAR CELEPHONE IS RINGING!’

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