January 21, 2008
By Natasha Abellard, Philadelphia, PA

Janet took a quick glance down at her watch. She was tired, hungry, and had such a long day at school that she desired nothing more at the moment that to drift into sleep without any interruption. From tennis to mock trial, Janet had tons of commitments. Plus let’s not forget the pile of homework she had every night. However, as tired as Janet felt and as ready to hit the sacks as she was, the train obviously wanted to take its sweet old time. Janet peeked once more down the tunnel. She saw the heavy lights and felt a gush of wind coming at her. Taking a step back, the front of the heavy train sped past her and several seconds later came to a halt.

She took a sudden glimpse at one of the train windows and out of no where an instant shock ran through her veins. It was him. His dark skin complexion bore the color of a sweet Hershey chocolate bar. His tall frame resembled that of a NFL player to be. His silky black hair neatly brushed and combed. The hazel color of his eyes so warm that instantly, as it did four months ago, melted her heart away. His shirt, although uniform, fit him so well that his muscles were apparent beneath. Janet even noticed that his braces were still lying on top of his pearly white teeth. She hadn’t seen him since the week of their break up. It felt like yesterday. She remembered calling him.
“Hey, what’s up?” he said in a cool but tiring voice.
“Nothin’ much you?” she replied.
Janet noticed for about a week now that Trevor hadn’t been his usual self. Neither had she to be truthful. It’s been a couple of weeks now since she noticed their relationship heading down the drain.

Summer arrived and their time together depleted. So their conversation progressed and Janet became fed up at his behavior over the phone.
More fed up than ever, Janet said angrily “Is it me, or are we growing more tired of each other day by day?”
Trevor sighed. “No Janet, it’s not just you. I feel the same exact way. I don’t feel the same way I did three months ago.”
Taking a deep breath, Janet said “Well, what do you think is the solution to that?”
“I think that we should just be friends” said Trevor.
Right after hearing those words, Janet hung up and went to bed. She did this without making sense of the conversation and hoped that when she rose in the morning, it would all be just a dream.

This happened just four months ago. Trevor since then rekindled old flames with his former girlfriend. As for Janet, Trevor was still the last guy she kissed. Early July. The weather pleased her very much and Janet looked great in her white outfit. Trevor readied himself to depart and Janet asked him if he’d stay just ten minutes more. He agreed.
“Yes babe, anything for you Janet”, he said.
She smiled. They chatted for a while longer until time permitted him to stay no longer. On her front porch, outside of her door, he held her by the waist and carefully pulled her towards him. Then he gently kissed her on the lips.
“I’ll call you when I get home”, he smiled and then walked backwards facing Janet and blowing her kisses until disappearing out of sight.
She stepped onto the train and watched Trevor give her a small wave. Janet scanned the available seats within the train. She had a minute and a half battle on where to sit. If she sat too close, he might sense a still existing attraction and that was the last thing Janet wanted. But, if she sat to far, Trevor might sense dislike or hostility. Janet felt neutral towards him. Eventually, she ended this conflict by picking a seat just a few rows down. Far enough so that she could still take peeks of him every now and then. Trevor, on the other hand, refused to look at her so he put his head down and closes his eyes.
Janet couldn’t help but ponder about his thoughts. What could he possibly be thinking? Trevor always did complain to Janet about the lack of time they spent together. About how she never made time to spend with him. What was she suppose to do? Drop all of her activities for him. As selfish as that may seem, Janet didn’t have it in her to do that to herself. He said Janet never conveyed enough affection. But Trevor just never understood. Janet never found herself to be a PDA (Public Display of Affection) kind of girl. A simple kiss on the cheek and a pleasant hug every now and then, but nope, Trevor had to have it his way. He always felt the need to try to make out in front of the whole world. But what about the fact that Janet never got the simplest things from him, even a simple phone call to say goodnight. He always wanted her time but whenever she offered it, he always declined.

Yet, Janet also felt a sense of re-attraction towards Trevor. Not a word in the dictionary was possible of explaining the attraction she felt again. If only she had the guts to speak to him. Even if all she said was a simple hello. After all, she never did delete his number.

As far away as they were from each other, the awkwardness remained for what seemed like the longest train ride of her life. Janet hated the fact that her rival had once again become his girlfriend. How could he? After he swore that he’d never date her again? After he swore that she couldn’t compare to Janet? He said that she meant nothing and had no absolute value to him what so ever. But yet he never explained to Janet how come she kept posting such sweet messages on his MySpace page. Whenever Janet questioned him on it, he never gave her a clear response. Instead, just a run around answer and feeble attempt to reverse the situation. He never explained how he went behind’s Janet’s back and participated in a pleasant lunch date with her that Saturday afternoon. Now, he sits in front her with no intentions of looking up.

When their stop came, Janet and Trevor walked their separate ways. Janet turned her head and watched Trevor walk up the staircase in the opposite direction. Janet felt a trickle down her eyes as she made her way up the escalator and out the subway.

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