Mr. Peanutty

January 21, 2008
By Natasha Abellard, Philadelphia, PA

It was just any random day if you asked me. Nothing special. No reason to get dressed or look pretty. No reason to feel overly excited. And definitely no reason to want to get out of bed at 6 in the morning. So I got down into the train station and began my short wait for the train that would get me where I needed to go. School.
I looked around in search of a spot where I could post myself and sip on my Minute Maid Pouch until the arrival of my train. I had a couple of choices. Just sitting on the bench seemed as an alright option. Or I could just stand around. But I had rather not due to the fact people liked to knock over others in the train stations. After looking around for a few seconds, I found my spot. It was near a small stair way that commuters flooded every day during rush hour. Noise that confined me in each direction felt like the surround sound of a brand new stereo system. The fellas in one corner discussing the latest sports and ladies in another talking about hair. A typical morning for me.
I looked down the tunnel once more and backed away after seeing the flashing lights that accompanied the speeding train. The train itself looked just as regular and bland as the day. Maybe worse? It’s gloomy and dark grey color only reminded me of the rain was scheduled to pour on the city streets later this evening. So the train opened its doors and I stepped in allowing my eyes to scan around for a seat in my favorite position. Next to the window and facing the direction that train is heading. I passed a few people and grabbed the seat making sure to set my bag right next to me.
The train held its usual crowd. No one I never seen before. The girl that always wears a backpack twice her size along with a little boy whose face never had a smile. Whether it’s because he didn’t like going to school or not? His teeth never showed. But for the most part, the faces in the train always either read ‘I need sleep’ or ‘I can’t wait ‘til my day is over’, which is exactly what I was thinking at the moment.
We pulled up to the next stop and came along a new bunch of commuters. Well not completely new any way. Just several teenagers that usually never boarded that train. The majority of them with mp3’s and Play Station Portables in their hands. Nothin’ interesting.

But then, out of the blue, someone caught my eye. Someone that was out of the ordinary. Someone that looked like he was more than girls and parties. Someone that had a future ahead. Not that the others didn’t, but this guy had a fierce presentation. You know? The ones you bring home to mom and dad. No sagging pants. No Nike’s or Timberlands. Shoes. Nice, black leather shoes with khaki colored pants. A white collared shirt, black, cashmere sweater, and lastly, a black wool jacket to top it off. A young man that actually looked like he was going to school and not some jail house. School? No, he looked like he was CEO of a huge firm.

As nicely dressed as he was, his facial features weren’t particularly my favorite. Yeah, I did have a preference for light skinned guys but at the same time, I couldn’t call him attractive. Not ugly. But not handsome either. He wore glasses. His head was somewhat small and as far as hair goes, he had none. Bald! Completely bald. The lumps, mountains, and other imperfections on his head were naked. I stared at him. Overall, it seemed like he bore a scrawny figure. Definitely not my preference when it comes to the guys.
I stared at him. He had white headphones in his ear. Looked like it belonged to an Ipod. But along with the headphone, he was reading a news paper. Something that I and a million other teens rarely did. But he had one right at hand. And he didn’t pretend just glance at it, he actually read it. I could tell because I saw his eyes moving back and forth as he moved from line to line. He was looking at stocks. This guy looked like he was going somewhere. Looks didn’t even mean anything to me when it came to him. Well, maybe they did.
I was mesmerized by him. I didn’t even realize I only had one stop left until my friend took seat across from me and broke my focus.
“How’s that Minute Maid you sippin’ on?” He asked.
I looked up half startled.
“Oh good, didn’t even realize there was only one more stop ‘til you got here,” I responded.
“So how was your weekend?” He questioned.
“Fine, Maxwell! Yours?” I replied while still looking at my guy.
“Same ol’, same ol’. Nothin’ major,” he said to me.
“So what’s new with you?” he asked.
“Um, nothing!” I said a bit distracted.
“Look at him,” said I signaling my eyes a bit in his direction.
“Oh you like him?” he said with an odd expression on his face.
I continued staring. As nicely fit as he was, as far as I knew he was about to go. I knew that I’d probably never give him the chance of day. Not even to say hello. Not even to give him the chance to say ‘I like you’. Why? Because of looks. Yup looks. There was no attraction. Not physically anyway. I’d probably fall for an inconsiderate jerk rather than fall for him. All because there’s no physical attraction. And yeah mental is suppose to out weigh the physical but....
“Is that a yes, no, or maybe so?” asked Maxwell interrupting my thoughts.
“Well, no. But I’m not sure. He does stand out to me but he’s not my type! I think...”
Maxwell looked at me.
“What is your type?” he asked as he stood up as he readied himself to leave the train.
“Don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s not him” I said.
“Yeah well, I think Mr. Peanutty over there would take care of you better than that jerk you’re dating now!” replied Maxwell.
“Yeah whatever Max, you can dislike Alex as much as you want” I said back in calm and collective tone then began giggling.
“What are you laughing at?” said Maxwell looking at me.
“You called him Mr. Peanutty!” I said still chuckling.
Max began laughing as well.
“Well, I don’t know about you” he said.
“But if you take a peanut out of an M&M, it looks just like the shape of his head,” laughed Maxwell.
“Leave him alone.” I said.
Them, together we stood up and left the train. I looked back once more at my guy and laughed at the nick name he was given. Mr. Peanutty.

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mrrjok3r said...
on Feb. 5 2009 at 3:03 am
wow..major issues that's what really goes on in a girls mind, I'll have to pay attention a lil' more.

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