Moon Angel

January 20, 2008
By maishah salam, New York City, NY

Every day Morrie complained, she was restless, she was hot and sweating. She would yell that she would die from the heat. Her mother called her crazy, why was she so different? It was 20 degrees outside and her mother would freeze to death if she opened the window. She said the heater was on and the house was burning like an oven. Her mother warned her not to open the window, when her mother left the room Morrie would open the window wide and s tick her head out. She loved the cold; she loved windy and days with no sun. When she was in a car she would open the window and feel the cold air, she wished her whole body could be there, without anyone yelling at her. She would stay outside forever, never freezing like others in the streets. She was the one who would always shiver outside in the cold smiling, and holding her hand up at sunlight. One day she had a dream that she could fly, and she was flying next to other creatures with huge wings, one of them spoke. She was a girl with a pale gray dress, she said,” You’re finally here, we missed you Lunar. We always watched you from above with the humans but never interfered with your life. Now you’re 12 and old enough to be with your kind, the angels.” Morrie knew she was talking to her, and when she woke up she was crying. She wanted to be with the other angels, but she was sad to leaver her human family. One day she opened the window wide and jumped onto the fire escape, and from there she flew into the night until she saw the girl in her dream.” You’re here Lunar, now you can be with the moon angels.”

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