The Flaw in a Mischievous Plan

January 19, 2008
By Douglas McCombie, Aberdeen, ZZ

A boy called Callum was a mischief-maker. He loved to cause havoc, and he didn’t worry about the consequences. He lived in Telford on a terrace estate. His attire was inappropriate, as was his manners. He had white streaky hair and he had menacing eyes that mimicked the look of a black storm. He however wouldn’t hurt a fly. His friends, James and Luke (Lucas) were also mischievous. They lived nearby on the same estate.
Today, at 1430, they went ahead with their plan to fire rotten eggs at their Headmaster of Wickham High School. Luckily, they were not yet notorious for their classic pranks of mischief and mayhem.
“What time is it?” asked James.
“Three minutes to go” said Callum looking up from his watch.
“Are the eggs ready?” asked James.
“Just about” said Luke shaking about a mixture in the bottom of a bowl.
“Pull back the catapult” said Callum.
James pulled it back until there was a click. The three boys were sitting behind a bush near the school gate. They were waiting for the Headmaster to leave. They waited for another unexpected ten minutes, when he appeared exiting the main door.
“Alright, ready, fire on my command” said Callum.
“Fire!” ordered Callum.
The eggs launched up into the air and soared in an arch towards the Headmaster. The Headmaster, as he walked towards his car, he heard something on the wind. He was afraid to look up, when unfortunately his whole face was splattered with rotten eggs. The eggs formed a skin on his face. He ran about screaming. He couldn’t breathe from the skin. He finally slipped accidentally on black ice. He hit the ice flat on his back in less than a second. He yelled eternally in pain. The boys were laughing up until that moment. The Headmaster was really hurt. His scream echoed as he lay on his back unable to move. Someone came running out of the building to his aid. The person was quick. She snatched out her phone and dialled 999. The three boys finally sprinted away before anyone saw them.
Meanwhile, at Telford General Hospital, the Headmaster’s spine was broken. The news came as a big shock. The police assured the Headmaster that they would mount a full-scale inquiry into what happened. The Headmaster laughed at the news through the irony of it. Perhaps because the Headmaster did all the dangerous sports there is: snowboarding, ski-ing, horse-riding and rugby.
At Callum’s house, Callum, James and Luke were deciding what their story was. They would say they were all at the nurse because they felt sick from eating too many toxic wastes. The nurse was so forgetful, she was unreliable as a witness.
“Do you think they’ll believe our story?” asked James.
“I hope so. So remember, don’t let anything slip. This is our secret forever.”
The next day at school all the kids had to report to the dining hall.
“Yesterday, the Headmaster had a life-changing experience. His back was broken when he slipped on ice. This happened because he got hit by eggs. You’ll all give a statement saying where you were yesterday at 1440” finished Mrs Jandon.
All the statements written by Callum, Luke and James were exactly the same.
Over the next few days nothing happened. The Headmaster returned to school the following Monday. The pupils were all summoned into the dining hall. It was then they saw their Headmaster’s terrifying fate.
“I was told that nobody has admitted to anything, well I’m sorry I’m such a bad person that I was treated in such a bad way. That is all I have to say” finished the Headmaster.
Callum, Luke and James all felt great remorse for what had happened. At their break they all went to the Headmaster’s office. Callum knocked on the door.
“Please come in” replied the Headmaster.
“What is it I can do for you?” asked the Headmaster.
“We’re sorry Sir. It was us that fired those eggs at you. We never meant for you to get hurt” stammered Callum.
The room was in silence for a few eternal seconds.
“I see. Well you boys have done a terrible thing, but you have guts by telling me the truth. If you promise never to cause any mischief again, then I forgive you. Do you all promise?” asked the Headmaster.
“I swear” they all said together.
“Well then, I promise all three of you, I won’t tell anyone what you did to me, and I forgive you”.
“You may all go” finished the Headmaster.
“That man’s a lot nicer than I thought” said James.
“Yes he is, isn’t he?” said Callum.
They all had a big secret that they would have to live with forever.

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