My Perfect Day

January 18, 2008
By Abbie Kempa, Houston, TX

I’m a tiny little one year old guinea pig living the life of my dreams. I have a gigantic cage and a loving owner, A.K.A. my mommy, Abbie. My life could not be more perfect!

“Night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite”, Abbie said. "Night", I squeaked and don’t worry they won’t bite with you by me. Though it sounded like a big jumble of squeaks but Abbie always acts like she understands. I got a good night drink from my drinking bottle and scrambled back into my cozy hut. I lay there for a while thinking about tomorrow. It was going to be great. I'll be able to play with my mommy from the second she wakes up to the second her head hits her favorite, white pillow. After a while I dozed off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up there was no commotion in the room but I could hear movement in Abbie’s sister, Ellie's room. I peered at the clock. It was already 10:30 and she was still sleeping! I had to save this wonderful day. I couldn’t let her sleep through this beautiful day I must wake her! I squeaked at the top of my lungs. She was in a deep sleep and couldn’t hear me. I tried jumping off my house to make a lot of commotion. I jumped up, turned around and jumped as high as I could. I ended up falling into my food bowl face first, and Abbie was still asleep.

Now, I had a new plan. It was risky but I had to do it. First I unlocked the cage. I giggled to myself a bit. Abbie always thinks its locked. Next, I jumped out. It was a long way down but I made it. I scrambled over to her bed making sure that Ellie did not see me. When I was at the bed it was a lot higher than I had calculated and I wasn’t sure if I could make it, but I knew I had to save my Saturday.

I thought it over and looked around and spotted some electrical cords to my left. I'll climb up them. This is a good plan and I went for it. I was up on the bed in no time. I ran over to Abbie, hopped onto her belly and squeaked at the top of my lungs!
That didn’t work so I nudged her giant hand. She found that annoying and swung it at me. "Ahhhh", I squeaked as I ducked. That was a close one, but I was ok. I was now getting annoyed so I marched right up to her ear and I squeaked as loud as a guinea pig could possibly squeak. She threw her head up in a flash and screamed. I guess it was shocking for her to see me on top of her bed. When Abbie was done freaking out she picked me up and set me on the floor while she picked up my little present I accidently left during all the commotion.

After all that, Abbie got a towel and we sat down in the grass to relax and enjoy the beautiful day. Abbie was eating a bag of chips while listening to her I-pod. I, on the other hand was enjoying the lovely peaceful outdoors. I like to stretch out on the grass to let the warmth rub onto my belly.

While I was enjoying this wonderful moment, a rude hawk flew overhead. He was big and ugly and he scared me half to death. I ran as fast as I could under a bush to take cover, Abbie dropped every thing and sprinted to me. She gathered me in her hands and took me inside telling me "it's ok, everything is ok". "Maybe you need a little nap". So she set me in the cage and promised she would play some more when I wake up.

A little snack and drink and I was asleep in no time at all. When I woke up Abbie wasn’t there. She was in the game room and someone was with her but I couldn’t tell who it was.

They walked in real fast. Abbie zoomed right by saying “Hey Holly” "Hey", I squeaked. Reagan came up to my cage, “Hey holly, How’s my sweet little baby?” I was married to her son Tiger, so she is technically my mother, too.

Abbie came back and picked me up and said "Ewww, you're all muddy and need a bath!" "What?, a bath. I don’t need a bath. Sure, I’m a little dirty but I don’t think a bath is necessary!" I could hear the bath water running. They already had the grooming supplies out and a treat to keep me calm. "Yum". It looked good but I did not want to take a bath!!! "Come on Holly, The bath is ready". "Noooooo", I squeaked dramatically. She set me in the bathtub. The water was warm and terrifying. I tried hopping over the sides but they were too high and I had no idea what was on the other side. They shampooed, conditioned and rinsed me. It was scarier than the hawk I saw earlier.

Finally they took me out and dried me off. Reagan got me more treats and Abbie groomed my hair. I have to admit, I did feel and look a lot better.

Reagan later went home and it was two hours until bedtime. Abbie took me down stairs to watch my two favorite shows, Animal Planet and Hannah Montana.

After the shows were over, Abbie took me back up stairs. She set me in my cage and said, “Night Holly, I love you. Sleep good”. "Ok", I told her. "I love you too, and thanks for the great day!"

Abbie fell asleep in no time. I had some tidying to do around my cage. When I was finished with that I crawled into my warm, cozy hut and sprawled out across the soft bedding. I squeaked out to Abbie, "Thanks for my perfect day". Then, I fell asleep.

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