Trapped with Fury

January 18, 2008
I am a man screaming out of pure, volcanic anger! I am trapped and wish for nothing more than to be emancipated. Why am I here? They have put me on display as if I am some sort of a freak show. But I’m not worried. Dark times will come to all those who have rudely stared. Karma is somethin’ isn’t it? Oh, trust me I’ll get MY revenge. They want to push and shove only to see me in distress. Well you’ll find out how great it is. To be poked at in such a gruesome state. Just wait, be patient and await your turn.

Let’s give you a shot at playing circus freak. I’m going to throw you in a black suit and mask your face in white paint. Then I’ll fling you into a cage lacking ample space for you to even consume so much as one breath. Last time I checked, I was born human. I wasn’t carved into this world. So why the h*** am I sitting here like a statue in a museum? Was I meant to be funny? I didn’t know I did stand up! I mean you laugh, you giggle, and you cheer! Did it ever occur to you that your pleasure could be my pain? Did it ever go through your thick little skulls that the very thing that makes you ignorant people yell in happiness makes me yell in agonizing pain?

Well the h*** with you all! I care for none you! I grant you no mercy! Burn, rot, die! For I am sick of showing mercy!! May you all see how destructive I will one day be!

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NahteenaBean said...
Mar. 6, 2009 at 6:54 pm
The imagery throughout this piece was very profound and it allowed readers to actually explore the mind of the character. Perhaps it was because the first person approach was very effective. Also, the idea itself was creative. Keep up the good work!
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