January 18, 2008
By rebecca mejia, Bremerton, WA

I remember waking up that morning and having a feeling that something was going to be different, but I just shrugged off the feeling and got ready for school. A few minutes after I got to my locker I saw Blue walking towards me. Blue isn't her real name her real name is Estrella Martin aka Blue and my best friend. She got that nickname because one day in her painting class somebody accidentally spilled blue paint all over her she tried to get it off in the bathroom but it didn't do much and she ended up walking around school with a dark blue tint to her skin for the rest of the day. "Hey Blue waht's up?" I asked. "Nothin much, did you finish your math homework lastnight?" she asked. My math homework I totally spaced on it. "No I forgot I even had homework in math lastnight."
"Gee what a suprise" Blue said. Most of the time I always end up with at least one assignment unfinished so this definetly was no suprise to someone who knew me.

When Blue and I first met I was way in the gutter with my grades were talkin' all f's. About two years ago I had just gotten done breaking Tyler Dexter's nose and was about to go for his arm when the security guard Ray pulled me off of Tyler and hauled me down to the principles office where I was faced with an ultimatum. Thirty day suspension or detention every day for the next two months and get tutored every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights by none other than Estrella "Blue" Martin. Since I couldn't afford another suspension I had to go with the detention and the tutoring. If it wasn't for Blue I propably would never have gotten my act together. i guess you could say Blue opened my eyes up a little bit, eventually I stopped getting into so many fights, quit skipping classes so much, and got all my grades up to at least c's.

So it didn't suprise me any when I asked Blue if I could copy she said no I could finish up during lunch. Even though Blue and I are best friends we still don't have a lot in common. She lives on a farm with three older brothers and has to get up every morning during summer at the crack of dawn to help milk the cows, feed the horses, move the hay and other stuff that i know nothing about. Where as I live in a house with one sister my dad and a dog named Raja. Although me and Blue are both catholics she never foes to church and I go to church every Sunday. I have a car she soesn't we both like different sports, foods, drinks, and classes. This causes constant bickering between us at all times, which is kinda a good thing because then we never have to worry about not having anything to talk about

One of the first things I did when I walked into the lunchroom is scan all of the different table groups until I found ours. I would imagine that our caffeteria is just like any other high schoool's caffeteria. There is the jock table with all of the football , wrestling, and basketball teams. Then there is the prep table that consists of all of the cheerleading team and all of the jocks girlfriends. After that we have the burnouts (people who don't stand a chance at graduating,the asians, the wiggers (white people trying to be black), the nerds, goths, the flat out weirdos, and in the very back on the left hand corner is our table. We are not really categorized into any of these groups. Blue and I sit with two other people Sam Clemente and Mary Moore.

Sam is also my best friend we've known each other since we were about three. He stood with me through everything I have ever done in my life weather he thought what I was doing was good or bad he was there no matter what. Sam is propably the one of the only people I would ever trust my entire life with. After my mom died my dad sort of stopped working so me and my sister Rosa had to go and pick up minimum wage jobs at the "Piggly Wiggly". Even with both of our paychecks put together we were still really low on money, but we didn't have to worry about that for long because Sam and his family loaned us money until we were able to get back on our feet. I felt really bad about taking his money though because although he will never admit I know the majority of that money came from what he was saving for college.

Mary Moore is Blue's best friend and naturally one of my friends too. I started hangin' with Mary when I met Blue. At first she wasn't to sure about me from all of the stories and rumors that people be spreading, which half of the time are never true or always over exaggereated. Mary is 15 yrs. the youngest one out of all of us, when she was ten she got the opportunity to either stay in the grade she was in or skip up to the next she chose to skip a grade. Mary and I are also always arguing about our religions and beliefs, see Mary is part Indian and doesn't believe in God which of course I do, but she does believe in the afterlife which is something I believe in too. We usually don't spend much time arguing because Mary is way smart and most of the time always makes an excellent point that leaves me speechless.

Later on that night at around 6:00 p.m. while I was doing research on Thomas Edison and his invention of the lightbulb for history the phone rang. I usually don't get any calls till around 8:00 p.m. so I was a little suprised when called my name saying the phone was for me.
"hello" I said.
"Kaelin? this is Rick Blues brother."
"oh hey what's up?" I asked Ricks voice didn't sound normal.
"Rick is everything okay?" I asked now I was sure something was wrong.
"it''s about Blue...something happened."
"what.....what happened?"
"She was crossin the street on her way to your house when a car camme speeding around dthe corner. He said his voice cracking. "She had internal bleeding in her head and by the time the ambulance got there it was to late.....she's......she's dead."
He told me full out crying now. I couldn't breathe i could't believe what I just heard there was no way Blue was gone I had just talked to her two hours ago. That was one of the last things I remember thinking before passing out.

Over the next three months I developed a schedule I got up, went to school, came home, did my homework, then went to bed. I did this every day till one day while I was doing my homework my pencil fell under my bed. When I went to get it I found something else a picture of Blue and me two years ago at the fair, we looked so happy in that picture with our matching shirts and painted faces. That fair was the start of our friendship. Blue told me that she had never been to the fair before so I took her paid her way in, made her go on all the rides with me, and eat candy until we felt like we might throw up. When I looked at the picture and remembered that day I couldn't help but smile and laugh at all the stupid things we did, but while I was looking at it I also realized that that is axactly what Blue would want me to be doing right now, going out and having fun not sitting here feeling numb. So I called Sam and Mary and had some fun for me Kaelin Mejia and for Estrella "Blue" Martin

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