January 17, 2008
By Laura Miller, Camas, WA

I quietly trudged to my room with an aura full of gloomy feelings, closing the door behind me. I collapsed onto my bed, my back lying on the mattress, and stared at the ceiling until it started to blur, then disappear...I closed my eyes, only to open them and be in a clearing in the center of a vast, silent forest with delicate, white flowers here and there. I stayed lying in the grass, admiring the peace, the was almost sacred in it's own way, where the only imperfection was the perfection that was so intense, it was thick in the air, the joy and stillness I felt lifted my spirits to greater heights. For once, there was no turmoil, just peace and purity.
From nowhere in particular came a knocking noise echoing through the trees, bringing my happiness back to an all time low. I made the mistake of blinking and I was back in my room, my mother knocking on the door to tell me to go practice my piano. There I was, back in the deceitful world and amongst the chaos, hanging on to my last piece of sanity...

...I was in reality...

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