January 16, 2008
By jason mast, Clarkston, MI

Chris Rogers was lurking around the house again. He was about twenty years old and looking for something to feed his addiction again. It wasn’t something that he wanted to do. At this point it was something he needed 2

because he had been addicted to cocaine since he was seventeen and could not get out of the drugs clutches now. So how that all of his money is gone and his parents wont give him anymore to spend on his addiction, now he had to resort on stealing, and when you are as addicted as he is you will stop at nothing and that means even refraining from stealing from your friends and family. So Chris was looking around the house for something that he could gank and go pawn off but he just couldn’t find anything that was worth stealing, and then he saw them his mom’s car keys. As he thought to himself no that is to much all the sudden his brain was screaming at him TAKE THEM TAKE THEM TAKE THEM!!!! And he gave in he took the keys to his moms brand new 2007 mustang and peeled out of the garage into the street and was gone. He went as fast he could to the nearest chop shop that he new of to sell the car quick. He didn’t care how much money he would get for the car because as soon as he got it he was going to blow it literally going straight to his dealer and picking up a couple of kilos with the money he got from the car. He sold the car he new what he was doing was wrong that this was, and then he thought of how high he was going to get on the next line he took up threw his nose and at how good the stuff that he was going to get would be and that was enough to throw his conscious to the back of his skull. So he went to his dealer got the powder and got a ride to the nearest hotel and started ruining his life even more then it was ruined already. As he was in the clouds he thought to himself man I am Hungry. So knowing that this was way to much coke to just leave in a hotel he put it in his coat and brought it with him out of the hotel high as all get out. As he was walking he saw a restaurant and went in, the people that were there new there was something wrong with him by the war he walked and by the way he talked. One person got the idea, and called 911. As the cops got there Chris saw them while he was in the restaurant and tried to make a run for it. He ran and ran but his legs felt heavy and his head light so he tripped and the 5-0 was on him like a couple of rabid dogs. As they were checking him for any weapons that he may have had on him the cops saw the coke. They read him his rights and took him downtown.

When they got to the station the put him in a holding cell. So the next morning he could be tried and put before a jury. The next morning he was tried guilty for possession of narcotics and evading custody of the police. And because he had so much on him and it was his third strike for possession of illegal drugs he was sentenced to life imprisonment. And now he sits in prison thinking about how much he hurt his family and friends and not even wondering why they don’t come visit him because of all the pain and heartache that he had caused them. His mother felt awful because she finally had to give up on her son and his father who had given up on him as soon as he made the choice of doing drugs in the first place. And they both realized that there was and is nothing that they can do for him anymore. And that there is only one way to stop his addiction. That is helping you and truly wanting to quit.

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