January 16, 2008
By Katie Pruett, Clarkston, MI

The solar system lit up fluorescently on Jared’s ceiling. There were model airplane pieces thrown all over his computer desk, army figurines scattered all over the floor along with all of his dirty AND clean clothes. BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP!!It was that time again, it was 6:30 a.m. and it was time to wake up for school.

Jared was a senior at Central High School. He wasn’t exactly known as “the cool guy” in school… He was more or less known as the “class nerd”. He just wasn’t one of those people, he didn’t like the same things as them, and everyone knew it. Jared was in 12th grade and still played with toys, was obsessed with video games like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Duck Hunt, and Donkey Kong, all the ones from back in the day, collects action figures from every cartoon ever made. Likes to make paper airplanes in his spare time, and on weekends his favorite thing to do is pop in the Star Trek (season 1) DVD and watch all the episodes over and over again, while he counts how many gummy bears he can fit into his mouth at once. Shall I go on? I think you get the point.
Jared has brown hair; you can tell he hasn’t gotten it cut in awhile. He stands around 6’2” and weighs about one hundred and ninety five pounds. He has blue eyes and wears a pair of glasses with some of the thickest lenses you’ll ever see. He wears the same red and blue checkered sweater vest everyday, with his old beat up blue jeans and brown shoes, oh and don’t forget his yellow wristband watch that goes off everyday in 3rd period right before lunch time.

Jared still laying bed reaches over to his nightstand next to his twin size bed and feels around for his glasses. Finally he feels them and dragged himself out of bed. He reached onto his floor and grabbed his usual checkered sweater vest and pulled it over his head, he then grabbed his blue jean and put them on too.

“Jared, are you awake?” his mom yelled from downstairs.

“Yes, mother.” Jared answered

“Unfortunately…” he said under his breath

“Okay good, because your dad made you guys breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, with a big glass of orange juice.”

“Well that’s good news.” He said sarcastically

“Make sure your brother is up too, please.” as she walked away.

“Ugh, alright mom!” He yelled with annoyance
One thing you did not know is that Jared has a twin brother. His name was Jason. Jared and Jason weren’t enemies, but they weren’t very close either. They just didn’t have the same friends and they definitely weren’t into the same things. The only time they ever talked was at home, and that wasn’t even very often because Jason was never home, he was always out with his friends or playing sports or on dates. They weren’t identical, in fact they look almost nothing alike, but maybe that’s because Jason wasn’t so…nerdy. Jason was older then Jared by 2 ½ minutes, and he always treated Jared like he was such a baby just because of it, he’s never let it go. Jason had always been the number one at everything. He is the captain of the Varsity Football Team; he is captain Varsity Basketball Team and was basically known as the coolest kid in school. Girls went crazy over Jason every time he would just walk past them.
It was pathetic. Jared has always been a little jealous of his brother, okay…really jealous. Jared had never had a girlfriend before, but he always had wanted one, his brother Jason could get any girl he wanted and he knew it. They all adored his big blue eyes and brown hair, and his 6’2” two hundred and ten pound tan body and wash board abs. He always wore his varsity jacket, with some kind of polo underneath. He never wore the same pairs of jeans more then once a week, and always wore his Kenneth Cole cologne. He was very clean cut and the girls loved him.
One day after school, when the boys came home Jared decided that if he wanted to get a girlfriend then he would have to get advice from an expert, Jason
Since every girl in the school was head over heels for Jason, Jared figured that he was his best advice on how to get the ladies. Not to mention that the best looking guy in the school happened to be his twin brother. After dinner that night Jared finally got up the guts to talk to Jason about it.
Jared knocked on his brother’s bedroom door. “Hey Jason, can I talk to you?”
“Yea sure, what’s up?” Jason said not really seeming to care.
“Well…I kinda was wondering if maybe you could help me with something…” Jared said nervously
Rolling his eyes “Uh maybe…What is it?”
“Um I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to get a girl to like me…I mean all the girls at school love you, and I’m your twin brother and they don’t even know I exist.” Jared said trying not to be so embarrassed.
“Hahahaha, you want me to help you get a girl?! Wow little brother…if your being serious right now then we has got a lot of work to do.” He laughed practically falling backwards in his chair.
“Whatever it takes. I’m ready, do what you want with me.”
“You know that this isn’t going to be easy right? First of all you definitely need a new wardrobe, and that yellow watch…has GOT to go. You’re going to have to start working out too, and you should really consider asking mom to get you some contacts instead of those geeky glasses. I swear sometimes I think they accidentally sent the wrong twin home. We are nothing alike.”
“Yea I know Jason. Thank you for rubbing it in my face. Are you going to help me or not?” Jared said beginning to walk away.
“Yea, I’ll do it. I mean you are my brother. We can start right now! We will have a party in exactly one month on a Friday and you will be a different man by that time. The party will be thrown specially for you and your new look. You’re going to be a stud… just like me lil bro!”
“Oh man” Jared said biting his nails.” This might have been a mistake”
“Oh no Jared, this is probably one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. It’s about time you broke out of your shell brother. Go change into some workout clothes, we’re going to the gym.” Jason said jumping out of his seat.
“Okay.” He ran down the hallway into his room.
Soon after the two brothers we’re at the gym. When they arrived Jared was welcomed by some of Jason friends, apparently Jason had called them all and told them the good news about him. Jared was overwhelmed when he saw all the gym equipment
There was a machine called the bowflex that had a bench you sit on and then had another bench at the end that rose up. Jared could not figure out how the heck this thing worked. They worked Jared out until he couldn’t take it anymore.When they got home from the gym Jared was exhausted and all he wanted to do was sleep. Jason told him that he would get more used to it eventually, and told him it would be worth it in the end.
The next day the boys went to the mall. Jason had picked out an outfit for Jared immediately. He picked out a Dark red polo with a pair of dark blue jeans with holes in them, and a pair of all white tennis shoes They bought a few more outfits and they were off. The next stop was to get a haircut and some blonde highlights in his hair. He was already looking better and better. Soon after that they hit the tanning booth.
3 weeks went by and Jared’s contacts had finally arrived. He was so excited to get rid of his glasses, he loved his new look, it made him feel much more confident, and getting rid of the glasses would top it off. He knew that this would be the final touch to his makeover. The only thing he had to work on now was his personality. He needed to learn how to talk to girls without getting too shy and nervous, and how to speak up and be more outgoing, like his brother.
A few days later the brothers worked hard on Jared’s new look, how to talk to girls and not be so shy and much much more. It was almost time for Jared’s party. He had 2 more days to prepare himself, and surprisingly he was really excited. Now Jared weighed two hundred and eight pounds. He was tan, and had gotten rid of his glasses, he had brown highlighted hair and his body was looking better then ever. He was happy, no more shy, geeky Jared. He was a new man
Jason worked on inviting everyone he knew to the party, and when the party finally rolled around it was a big hit. They had everything; this party was going to be a big hit. They had a bonfire and horseshoes out in the backyard, guitar hero set up on the big screen T.V., one of Jason’s friends was in a band so they were going to be playing as well. They also provided lots of food and drinks, and a place for everyone to dance and have a good time. Jared was so excited that all these people were here at his party! He was even more excited when he saw girls looking over at him and smiling and introducing themselves, a few of them even told him how good he looked.
Jared had his eye on one girl though. Her name was Kylie. She was one of Jason’s friends, and he wanted to talk to her, but this girl made him nervous.
“I see you looking at her Jared, go talk to her. Don’t be scared, Kylies really nice.” Jason said
“I don’t know what to say.” Jared said nervously.
Jason shoved Jared toward her and at this point he couldn’t turn back. She saw Jason push him. She smiled at Jared.
“Hey I’m Jared, Jason’s twin. You probably don’t know me.” Jared said as he looked at his feet.
“Oh yeah, we have chemistry together, wow you look so different! I love the new look!” She smiled.
“Yeah…It was time for a change…” Jared said blushing.
“Awe, you’re a cutie either way” Kylie said
For the rest of the night the two talked and talked. They had so much in common they couldn’t believe it. Jared wondered if maybe he should ask her out on a date, he debated whether he was going to or not. Then he finally got up the guts and asked her. She said of course!
The party did end up being a big hit.. People actually thought of Jared as more then Jason’s dorky twin brother now; they actually thought he was cool. It also made Jared and Jason a lot closer and they actually talked to each other and hangout with each other. Jason is not embarrassed to tell people that Jared is his twin anymore. Not only that but Jared talked to the girl that he had his eyes on all night and even got to go on a date with her the next night. They kept going on dates and eventually Jared and Kylie became a couple. He was living the life that he wanted now, and the best part was that even though his look was different, people learned to accept him for his personality and that even though he was nerdy on the inside he was still just as cool as the rest of them.

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