January 16, 2008
By Karen Almonte, Brooklyn, NY

It's always been the same ending in every d*** story. The girls are forever the ones who need to be rescued. It's your typical damsel in distress stereotype. Whether she's trapped in a tower, stuck with her stepsisters, or has a stepmother jealous of her beauty, she's always in a bad situation. Then, the man has to come in the story and sweep her off her feet. I'm just so tired of it. My name is Jasmine and this is my story.
Jasmine had what most girls would dream about. She had her own palace, money, a loving family, and all the guys at her feet. What more could she possibly wish for? She hated the fact that she had to go on dates with the princes her dad set her up with. She didn't want a regular Prince Charming. She just wanted a decent guy, who wasn't of royalty.
This princess had a difficult time trying to escape from the guards of the palace. They surrounded this kingdom, especially around this time when the throne was most vulnerable. Every six years for the past 300 years, the throne was threatened by the legendary King of Thieves. Jasmine had no knowledge of this whatsoever. Since she didn't know about it at all, she felt no need for anyone to accompany her anywhere, including the guards.
Jasmine was able to sneak out, although it took a long time, so she could take a stroll through the streets of Agrabah, and she saw a flying object. Jasmine wondered what it could be. Apparently, it was a flying carpet, topped with a boy and a monkey on his back. He was going quite fast, she thought he might crash. Her prediction was right. He crashed into a small shack. The market guards tried to take him away.
"Guards, please don't pull him away, he's my company for the day," Jasmine pleaded.
The guards let him go. The boy got up.
"Thank you for helping me. My name is Aladdin," the boy said.
Jasmine also introduced herself to Aladdin. Jasmine and Aladdin became great friends, and later on, more than friends. Crazy as it seems, Aladdin appreciated and took her helping hand. Now, that's what it takes to be a real man.
They spent almost every waking moment with each other. No one knew about the relationship that had been growing between Jasmine and Aladdin. If her father found out, his head would explode. Aladdin helped Jasmine keep the relationship a secret. From time to time, Jasmine would sneak out to meet with Aladdin. Unfortunately, the most important person who shouldn't know found out- Jasmine's father. Little did she know, her father had been keeping his eye on her better than the guards. He didn't confront her quickly because he thought that all Jasmine wanted was a little freedom, so he was giving it to her.
A month had passed, and there was still no sign of the Forty Thieves. Jasmine's father wondered why nobody had tried anything yet. He smelled something fishy, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He had a feeling it might have something to do with the boy. The next day he confronted Jasmine, as he spotted her sneaking out with some boy.
"Jasmine, get over here this instant!" her father exclaimed.
After hearing the outburst, the guards immediately grabbed Jasmine and the boy.
"It's okay boys. I can take it from here," the father said to the guards and they disappeared.
"Daddy, I can explain!" Jasmine yelled.
"No. I know you've been sneaking out. I just want to know about this boy."
The father interrogated the boy. He told Jasmine to wait inside the palace, while the father and Aladdin took a stroll around the palace. Jasmine obeyed. The father had found out some disappointing and outrageous news. Aladdin had been the son of the King of the Forty Thieves. After hearing that, Jasmine's father told him to stay away from Jasmine, and quickly dismissed him.
On the same night, Jasmine expected to see Aladdin. She couldn't find him anywhere. She searched and searched. Her father told her of the vulnerability of the throne and how he couldn't risk getting Jasmine involved with the Prince of Thieves.
"I can't believe you would do this to me! I've given all the princes a chance, and none of them come close to Aladdin!" He's the only boy I ever really liked and now you're telling me I can't see him! Jasmine yelled as she cried.
"It's for the best. You and Aladdin being together will just make it more difficult and complicated enough as it already is. Can't you just think of what will become of Agrabah if they take over?" the father replied.
"Father, I love him, and you can't just take away that kind of love!" Jasmine cried and ran to her room.
She found Aladdin in her room. She ran to him and wept on his shoulder. Jasmine didn't care that he was the Prince of Thieves. Although, Jasmine didn't know of the story, Aladdin knew why his father had been trying to threaten the throne. It was because of the Forty Thieves. His father was only trying to protect the throne from the Forty Thieves. Jasmine knew she had to do something about this. Jasmine confronted her father, explaining Aladdin's story. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, and he didn't believe it.
The next day, the Forty Thieves attacked Aladdin and the palace. Jasmine didn't know what to do. She found Aladdin's bag lying in her room, and started searching it for anything that could be of help. She found a dirty odd-looking thing, and decided to clean it. After cleaning it, she rubbed it, and a blue cloud of smoke appeared. That blue cloud of smoke became known as Genie. Genie had been her help.
Jasmine had used Genie to help defeat the Forty Thieves. Aladdin was saved by Jasmine. If it wasn't for her, Genie would have never been released, and the Forty Thieves wouldn't be defeated and now they are gone forever. Jasmine, Aladdin, and Genie had celebrated in Jasmine's room. There was a knock at the door. Jasmine's father poked his head in, and slowly approached Jasmine.
"I should have listened to you Jasmine. I should have believed you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I tried to interfere with your relationship and the love you felt for this boy," Jasmine's father said with feeling.
"It's okay, Daddy. I didn't realize how much trouble the throne was in. But, thank you. I love you," Jasmine replied.
Everything worked out well. Jasmine was the heroine of the story. She was able to see Aladdin without hiding their relationship. None of this would have happened if it also wasn't for Aladdin, who accepted her helping hand.
That is what really happened. It's not always the boy who turns out to be saving the girl. It could happen the other way around. Crazy as it seems, Aladdin appreciated and took my helping hand. Now, that's what it takes to be a real man.

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Interesting perspective~is your article based on the movie trilogy Aladdin or the Princess Badroulbadour from the One Thousand and One Nights tale?


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