January 16, 2008
By Robb Gilchrist, Michie, TN

Chaos ruled, shapeless and never ending through the heavens, laying behind every false sense of order, hiding amongst the systems and rituals of the universe. Her hands were in every star's birth, her touch was felt in every plants death. Chaos, like a virus, infected every cell, evolving, moving, changing, feeling everything at all times. She laughed in cosmic delight at the foolish Gods of a foolish Earth, enjoying the humor of a creature fearing something they created. She was before them, and had extreme confidence that she would be among the ashes when they burned in their self induced destruction.
Chaos was before the Gods, and they feared her for this, she was beyond them, not contained by mans imagination, not limited to existence by his worship alone. No human knew her name, no human knew of her reality.
Alexander sat in his chamber, scratching at his scroll slowly, in a steady system, sending his words to the page, and his thoughts to the heavens.
As Alexander scratched his ideas he felt his skin prick, and his hair raise, the air in his chamber slowly chilling with every passing stroke.
Chaos shivered, slashing forward through the sky, bending from her corners inward, flexing her massive sky like frame into nothing and then back into its true form, her mind clamped, her thoughts went from everything to one thing. She found amusement in nothing, she found no glory, she only felt the urge and the pain. She knew not why, but she needed the words that were being etched into her existence like a pen on parchment. The sky shook, and the stars shuddered as her entire existence fell from everything, to the lowly shape of a female, falling through the sky towards an island whose name she didn't know. As she hit the ground she knew it, and it was Pompeii.
The wooshing sound came before the impact, causing Alexander to peer out his window, almost losing his head as the female figure fell from the sky. His shock barely registered before the girl hit the ground with a thud and a crack. She rose from the ground, her skull transfiguring back into its original shape, her eyes flashed as her burning thoughts penetrated Alexander's mind. She blamed him, for her fall, she hated him, for her fall, but she needed him, and his glorious worshipping parchment scratches to subside her hunger.
He fell back from the window, backing into his far wall as she slowly walked through his wall, forcing him to look at her as she shimmered back into a solid shape.
He felt her thoughts burning in his mind, her search for worship, while all she found was fear, her newly formed mind raged with hatred at this, the creature who had caused her addiction only to take it away when she manifested.
Her mind screamed "Help" but, he did nothing, the prayers at his lips did not contain her name. He quivered with fear, the smell of his sweat filled the air as she rose above him, slowly floating off the ground. Her hair took color, and her eyes flashed like the stars he had stolen her from.
Punishment, revenge, anger thrust through her as she extended her arms, the ground started to shake, and the sky darkened. Heat seared the faces of the others upon the island, the ground broke open, the blood of the Earth spilled forth upon them, burning, and charring those it touched. The sun was marked out by the ashes, the waters were steamed away by the heat, she slowly revolved in the air, this God before Gods anger streaking through the village, lighting the sky of ash, and burying the creature who tainted her.
Her body split open as the island emitted the screams of thousands, lights shot from her, dropping the halves of her body on top of the ash covered land and she returned to her natural state.

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