January 15, 2008
By Randal Homberg, Phoenix, AZ

As I am left all alone In the dark night
it starts to rain
it's a mere drizzle,and for some unknown reason I stand still
the rain begins to pour, but still I stand as if there is no rain
my wet hair covers my face as the downfall begins, it looks as if I'm crying but am I?
hail starts fall with the cold rain, but I don't even flinch as I'm hit again and again
the blood flows down my face, and I still remain where I am

then you arrive back home and you see me standing in the place that I told you I would not leave until you came home
as you look at me I am not crying and not I'm bleeding
I am as I was before you left

your love for me kept me dry and warm in the rain
your love made me happy when I looked sad
your love protected me from the pain

as I fall into your loving arms right before you kiss me we echo each other as we both say "I love you"

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