January 15, 2008
By Kym Azevedo, Cary, NC

As I fall again I feel the air beneath my wings and for a moment I fly

The prompt is written, bold across the white board. Our teacher tells us to let loose. Forget rules and regulations, just write how we feel. Well. My feelings are wild and now are contained to this paper. I’m absorbed completely in the writing, unable to stop.

I’m falling, having just lept from the top of the cliff. Thinking hard I pull my shoulder blades to the sides and I feel the air beneath my wings. I’m flying. I pull hard down, and I rise, no longer falling towards the cruel ocean. The wind whips my hair around my face as I soar towards the crimson coloured sun. I smile and close my eyes, the brilliant rays warming my face. My wings pound, air rushes past my ears in a torment of sighs. The flight is exhilerating and my heart pounds with the hoof beats of the horses that run far below me. Freedom, this must be it. Without thinking I spread my arms out below my wings, soaring high above the carpet of green I lose myself to the thrill of it all. So many things you could connect this to, the splendor of love or the wonder of hope but this is flying. Not many people can claim they’ve soared above the world and watched it shrink away as they touched heaven. I could spend eternity here, in the space away from the world with my thoughts my own, but what of my friends? The ones who need me, care about me. My worries weight me down and I start to spiral towards the ground. On that perfect green ground I see a boy. A singular boy grinning and waving at me. I swoop down and grab him in my arms, pulling out of the dive and rising back up. Holding him in my arms I smile. Open your wings is my thoughts towards him. I know he can fly, I know his wings well. A mirror image of mine, tattered but repaired by the care of another. He smiles and lets go, his wings opening behind him, shimmering purple and blue in the sunlight. He reaches out his hand, and grabbing hold of it we soar. Over the world, away from it and into eternity. Were reality didn’t exist and I could spend the days with him. Not worrying about what people thought. Just with him. My friend. My angel.

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