January 15, 2008
As I glanced over the balcony, my father, Atticus, and his client, Tom Robinson caught my wondering eye. Tom had an expression on his face as to say why am I here? Another you could see; was written on his heart. He knew deep down that no black man had ever won in a court against white women, not only this; it was an all white jury. He knew he had no chance. Another look was upon his heart, also. “I’m going to die.” This was written as plainly as you could see. The expressions on his face and heart told the whole story in its entirety.

My name is Jeremy Atticus Finch; Jem for short. I’ve called my father Atticus as long as I can remember. Scout, my younger sister, calls him this also. My mother died when I was 6; Scout was 2. I never knew why she died. Atticus and Calpurnia, our nanny, raised us. Recently though, my aunt Alexandra moved in to help raised Scout like a lady. We’ve never lived a real wealthy life, yet we appreciate what we have.

Mayella Ewell had accused Tom Robinson of raping her. She also accused him of beating her in the attempt to rape her. Heck Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb, testified that she had a blacked eye and minor injuries. Bob Ewell was asked why he didn’t call the local doctor, Dr. Reynolds. He has testified that there was no need to. During most of his testimony just some simple yes’ and
no’s. Atticus repeated his questions 3 and 4 times; I wondered why he did this. I looked up and saw that Scout and Dill were exiting to court room.

Thanks to aunt Alexandra, now Scout wore a dress most of the time. She was my side-kick, my pal, and lately she acted more and more like a lady. Aunt Alexandra calls her a lady. We always used to get into a great deal of adventure. Lately, she seems more like a girl, not wanting to get dirty.

Scout and Dill had been gone quite awhile. I watched the trial but all of it seemed so unfair. Until …

Boo Radley was the town mystery. Everyone wanted to know about him, but no one was willing to take to risk to get to know him. The rumors grew rapidly from that house. It was told that he stabbed his father, Arthur Radley, with scissors and continued cutting with them. He was like the mystery no one wanted to solve.

The trial seemed to be more fair when the end of Mayella’s testimony. Atticus had come on to the fact that her father had beaten Mayella and was trying to get her to say this. She wouldn’t answer the questions and all had seemed like it was becoming fair. Until the verdict had come back guilty; the town of Maycomb now cried for an innocent man who was now guilty. Weeks later the news come out that Tom Robinson had been shot. An innocent man was killed with a lie.

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