The Chubby Ball in the Sky

January 15, 2008
By Lindsay Ford, Glen Allen, VA

Once upon a time, there lived a narcissistic man named Zane who had a beautiful body, but an ugly disposition. He was tall, thin, and had abs of steel. He could often be seen walking around yelling obscenities such a “fatty” or “lard-o” at chubby kids and adults. He would even stoop so low as to moo at people he thought were as big as cows. Zane had a way of making people feel awful, and his harsh words even caused some young girls to become anorexic.

One day, Zane was walking through the forest, admiring himself in his personal mirror, when all of sudden he ran across a poor and fat beggar slouched over on the side of the road. When he saw this obese man, he began to laugh uncontrollably.

“Hahaha! Fatty!! You are sooo pathetic! You’re so fat when you sat on the rainbow all the skittles fell out!” he yelled harshly at the poor man.

As the old man looked into Zane’s eyes, his eyes twinkled and he began to smile, showing beautiful white teeth.

“Young man,” he replied, “you obviously do not know me. For I am Sellakeeva, the greatest wizard in the entire world!”

All at once, the old man became a cloud of mist, and five minutes later, a strong, beautiful, healthy man existed in the place where the old man once stood.

“That is right, it is I. I have heard of your cruel ways, and finally, I have experienced it,” Sellakeeva announced. “It is now time you get a taste of your own medicine. I am putting a spell on you so that you will be cast into the sky as an eternal ball of fat for all to see and admire. You will live there eternally in the presence of all who live, and at night they shall see you and they will humiliate you, like you have done to them.”

Without allowing Zane to even speak a word, he was shot up into the sky like a rocket while transforming from a good looking young man into a huge ball of white fat.

For the many years to follow, people who had once been made fun of by Zane would look to him in the sky and laugh at his appearance. They would chuckle while yelling, “Moooooo,” like he had once done to them. Zane was humiliated but he could do nothing about it. As the viewers continued to moo at him, Zane eventually became known as the “moon.”

To this day, one can look to the sky at night, and see Zane in all his roundness. The “man on the moon” is none other than Zane himself, looking sad and regretting his harsh ways. Now he has learned that it is not nice to make fun of someone, but it is too late to change his ways.

The End

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