Fast Times at Clarkston High

January 15, 2008
By nick hartig, Clarkston, MI

Today’s Monday. Of course no one actually truly likes Monday. Don’t say in your head “I do” because no, you don’t. Well I was thinking, I wonder what everyone would think if I just avoided her all day. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I always see her after first hour, so today I’ll just go the other way. “DIIIIIIIIING!” and I’m off. Well so far so good, uh oh here she is. Flash a smile, try harder then anything in the world to not make it awkward, but we all know if you try to hard, it’s awkward.

“Hey” Avril says while flashing a fake sad smile.

“Hay” I say, still wearing that stupid smile. I keep walking, I know she just stopped and turned around to talk to me. But what am I supposed to say? Hey we just broke up, I really liked you. Saweet. It just doesnt work like that. I know your probably thinking wow, typical high school relationship, but its different when its you.

Now that school is finally out. Time to go hang out with some of my best friends. The day after a break up can go two ways. Worst day of your life which is what you hope your ex is having. Or the best day of your life. This is what you should have. Walk out to your car. Rev up the engine a couple times gets it warmed up. And take off with your foot to the floor. The best feeling in the world is when you’re at the place where your driving skill meets what your car can take.

Monday night, it’s almost 6 and my phone rings. The ringbone, she picked it, god what an annoying ringtone. The caller ID shows its maddie. Yes! "Hello?!”
"Nicholas! How are you feeling?"
Great, best day of my life"

"come over then! It’s your first day being single. I’ll be your wing man". We both start laughing. Though I don’t want to, its maddie. You’ve got to laugh at her.
Now I’m in the driver’s seat of my car thinking, about everything. I’m glad I have a garage spot because even when I’m home. I spend most of my time in my car. It’s much more than just a way of getting from point A to point B to me. Its freedom, it’s getting away from everyone, or its getting closer to someone. Whenever I talk on the phone I always go to my car and listen to music. It’s where I feel the most comfortable.
Now I’m off, driving to Maddie’s house, thinking what am I going to say? What are we going to talk about? Have you ever tried to talk to someone, or do something but your mind in completely preoccupied and you just don’t have the concentration to handle it. Well that’s me right now for sure.
I finally arrive in her driveway. Honestly though there is no place I would rather be. Her mom answers the door of course. Her mom loves me; she always tells me I’m her favorite out of all of Maddie’s friends.
Well now its Wednesday, probably the 3rd best day of the week. I didn’t really tell anyone that we broke up because I didn’t want to talk about it. But somehow this cute girl in my civics class named Lauren found out. I always noticed her looking at me, but never really thought anything of it. Why would I? I had a girlfriend.
She came up to me, asked me how I was. I made her laugh of course, we kept talking and talking until finally we got yelled at. Then just quietly laughed and smiled at each other. All I could think is wow, that girl could make my Friday night a lot more interesting. The rest of the hour was spent with the teacher lecturing, no one listening and Lauren making faces at me from across the room. It reminds me of like elementary, but I can already tell this girl would be fun.
That brings this all to Thursday, otherwise known as Friday eve. This could be my chance, why blow it. Lauren is smiling at me. I’m super nervous but I somehow blurt out “your not busy Friday are you?”
“Actually no”.
Before she has a chance to say anything more I say “well you are now”. She just laughed and I swear she started to blush. This now has potential to be the best break up ever. I can’t wait for 8 on Friday night to roll around.
Guess what’s finally here? Its 7:35 PM I leave early so I’m not late. But don’t want to show up early cause then I’ll see desperate. So drive by her house to make sure I have the right one. Then I keep going and finally come back. I ring the door bell. Her mom answered. Meeting the parents on the first date, always an awkward thing for you, but never for them.

Finally that’s over, I’m pretty sure they liked me a lot, how could they not. I made them laugh and answered all their questions without stuttering or anything. Lauren and I just walked out the door. She looks gorgeous tonight as usual.
We finally got to the restaurant and got the best seats, away from everyone and close to the window. Thank god for the dark lighting, so she couldn’t see the stain I just made on my shirt. Were leaving the restaurant and its dark outside, the night has just begun…

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