Rocks and Oysters

January 15, 2008
By Alexis Tobin, Everett, WA

I bathe in a sea of pearls. My body is an oyster and I am not drowning. Golden brown particles of dirt swirl around me, compact me, twirl me into a diamond. I'm glowing from the outside in. But I'm just a rock. The shell of an oyster. How long will the storm last? we cannot all survive under water. My gills are not as advanced as yours. I do not feed from you, tiny seahorse. But sing to me and show me your pleasantries and I will make them listen. I am a rock. Die down anger and fury. Drowning is not a good way to go. Swallow that pain and drown the real issue - your anger. I'm in a bathtub filled with pearls. My skin turns to silk, I've been soaking so long. The jeweler slowly stitches perfect pearls with silver string. The most beautiful dress and the bathtub is empty. The sun is setting and the ball has begun. The pearls are glowing in a dimly lit room. Latched on to a prince, dancing. He spins you to fast, the jeweler left one pearl in the sea and your dress fails to sparkle. It is no longer the most beautiful dress. You're just a rock. You're just an oyster.

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