Where Did These Things Come From?

January 15, 2008
By Chris Shaw, Glen Allen, VA

Once upon a time, in a place called school, there were monsters that came out of toilets. There was always a kid named Stewart that saw them whenever he creped into the short narrow stalls, they would come out. He was the only one to see these hideous monsters that smelt horrendous, and had an odor like cow manure. The bathrooms in the school never had a pleasant smell and the lights above always were flickering on and off making it hard to see. The monsters came out every time a kid came into the stalls and flushed the toilet when they were done. One day Stewart went into the stalls and the big ugly monster popped out, and scarred the h*** out of him. He ran out of the bathroom back to class trying to think of a way to defeat those things. Most of the kids were scarred to go into the bathrooms at school due to the monsters, so they always held it in tying not to make a fool of themselves. The next day Stewart saw the kid next to him shaking in pain because he had to go to the bathroom and seconds later he peed on himself. He knew something had to be done, and fast. Stewart tried to tell the administrators about it, but whenever they went in there they wouldn’t come out. So Stewart decided to get a few of his friends and defeat them there selves. He went and got his friends John, Chuck, and Larry. Those guys were the toughest in school, and if they couldn’t do it no one could. After school they met up at Stewarts house to draw out blueprints on there plan to take down the monsters. The next morning they woke up early to try and get there before the teachers did. When they arrived no one was there and they took off to the main bathroom downstairs. They walked in carrying pipes and fluids to try and drain them out. Stewart went into the stall and flushed the toilet. Twirling up came the monster. He was wrapped in toilet paper and drenched in water. John grabbed the pipe and to a rip at the monster. Stewart poured the drain fluid on him. The monster trembled and started going crazy, thrashing from left to right. It looked as if the monster was dieing and disappearing. The toilet paper fell off of the monster as in a flash he was gone. The boys found out how to defeat the monsters and started to spread it around school that afternoon on how to kill them. The next day at school Stewart went into the bathroom and when he was done flushed. Nothing came up this time and he knew that there was nothing else that had to be done but tell everyone the good news. As it spread quickly around the school, the kids were jumping in excitement for there were no monsters left. From this day forward Stewart and his friends were known as the four amigos that defeated the monsters from the dark and frightening bathroom.

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