Tall Tale

January 15, 2008
By emily schweitzer, Richmond, VA

Long, long ago in a land far, far away there was this giant dinosaur that was all alone in the world. This land was in the middle of nothing that no one had discovered yet. Trees, grass, rocks and dirt was all that was known to this lonely dinosaur. Now back in this time there wasn’t really any one that Danny the dinosaur could talk to. So every day Danny would wander around, eat grass, roam for something to do, but everyday he would get so frustrated that there was no one for him to talk to. So Danny decided to take a long journey to find friends. He didn’t know where he was going; he just walked and walked to see if he could find someone to talk to. Danny came across many obstacles that led to where he was going. While he was on his way to no where he came across a rose that was bright red. He had never seen anything like this before, “what is this?” He didn’t know if he should touch it or just leave it alone. He was getting hungry on his journey so he wanted to eat something and the rose was looking pretty good to him. It was something he had never tried before, so he went with his instinct to and started eating the roses. Danny loved them! After he ate those yummy roses, he decided to keep forth on his journey. He was feeling funny from eating the roses, so he stopped and lay down to see if it would make him feel better. As he lay down he started to drift into sleep, it took him to a whole different world.
He felt himself falling faster and faster toward this bright shining light. “Where am I going, am I dieing?” Danny said in his sleep. As he felt him self falling into this bright shiny hole, he had no idea where it was taking him. BAM! He fell flat on his back to a whole new exotic place. When he landed he felt a massive rumble from underneath the ground. Shaking, rattling, and quaky is what Danny felt and was terrified of what was happening. He started to run back home where he wanted to be, but going in circles he couldn’t find his way out. He ran toward the east but trees started to develop out of ground. “What is happening?” Flowers, birds, animals, trees, bushes and nature just blossomed. Rocks, mountains, and plains became to expand throughout this exotic land. Danny didn’t know what was happening, but while he was running he bumped into a strange creature he had never seen before. It almost looked like Danny but gray and had a long nose. Danny was in shock and kept on running. This strange creature thanked him for what he had done to this weird land they called earth. As he was trying to run back to his old home, but while running by creatures were thanking him for his great doing he did to this earth. Danny was so terrified he didn’t even want to try to make friends, but soon after he got over his fear. He realized talking to these creatures his dropping onto this new exotic place he developed a whole new planet called earth.

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