Who Takes Time to Watch the Grass Grow?

January 15, 2008
By Sutton HASTMAN, Buckhannon, WV

On a hot summer day while a gentle wind blew a little girl with long blonde hair sat in a patch of grass. She was found by a boy in a pair of overalls. The boy sat down beside her and glanced all around. Finally he asked, "What are you looking at?"
She looked up at him for only a breif second and returned to what she was looking at. Then in a soft gental voice she replied,"I'm watching the grass."
Astonished he stairs at her. When he can find his voice he spuders, "Why are you watching the grass?"
The girl takes in his question and wrinkles her noise and replys,"Why do I look at the grass? Well silly I'm watching it grow."
Puzzeled the boy askes. "Why is watching grass grow so important?"
Taking a deep breath she looks him square in the eyes, "Grass grows every day, yet no one takes notice untill it becomes a jungle. Nature presents us with so much beauty, but human kind pays it no heed. We should take the time to reconize the little aspects of life's wonders. The grass grows slowly, but in a way it holds a lot of knowlegde. Watching the grass grow teaches us the importance of slowing down and being patient."
The boy stands up and walks away with out saying a word. Sighing the girl gose back to watching. Then all of a sudden, she hears foot steps and looks up to see the boys return. He came with a blanket in one hand and a bag of chips in the other. Quietly he spread the blanket out and they both lay across it. Opening the bag of chips, the boy and girl watch together patiently the grass grow. In a world full of hustle, we all should take time out to watch the grass grow.

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