Katrina's Love Search

January 22, 2008
By Michael Newman, Voorhees, NJ

On a cold blustery day in February, as the heat rose out of the rusted grates in Philadelphia, Katrina pranced down the charcoal road looking for the love of her life. She had just left the ecstatic party at Sky High and was venturing toward her friend Mickey’s. She had known him since their childhood when they had encountered each other in pre-school. Katrina was lonely and needed someone to talk to; she had been at the party the entire night and could not find a single man to suit her. Every Friday Katrina would search for the love of her life with no luck. She was becoming desperate and as she walked up the ice-covered steps to Mickey’s, she was beginning to realize it herself.

“Hi Katrina,” Mickey exclaimed as he opened the door. He had not seen Katrina in over a year. As he looked into her face her emerald green eyes were still mesmerizing. “Do you want something to eat or drink,” he asked her, as she sat down on his couch. Katrina and Mickey sat and talked the star filled night away. Katrina told Mickey of her predicament and he said to her that the only way she would ever find true love is if she found a man she loved herself. She needed someone she could trust and believe in, Mickey had told her.

Katrina continued going to the clubs for another month or so, but she never found her true love. One night Katrina decided that instead of heading out to the club, she would invite Mickey to dinner. They went to Jack’s Fried Chicken. There they talked and flirted with each other the entire night. For the first time Katrina realized how beautiful Mickey was with his gigantic smile that never stopped glowing, his sturdy chin, and light brown skin. As they sat at dinner, they talked about all kinds of different topics. Katrina had never talked to anyone for this lengthy of a time before, but in the back of her mind she loved it.

It was time to go. The dinner had been amazing. As they left, Katrina went to her left to go home when all the sudden she heard Mickey say, “Would you like me to walk you home.” “Yes,” she exclaimed! Walking through the brisk cold air Mickey gave Katrina his heavy wool jacket to keep her warm. As they approached the icy steps and stopped, they stood facing each other. Mickey said, “Good bye,” and went to leave. Before he was able to plant his first step, Katrina grabbed him and twirled him around planting a kiss on his lips. Mickey, surprised at first, returned the affectionate kiss and soon after they went inside Katrina’s cozy house to spend more time with each other. Less then a month later they became married and had kids not long after. Katrina’s true love had been right there with her throughout her entire journey; she was just too blind to realize it at first sight.

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