holding onto a memory that was ment to fall.

March 20, 2012
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The forest was calm this early morning. The sun hung in the sky, cool and pale yellow, casting its cold light down upon the snow laden forest below. The sound of dripping resonated through the woodland; the snow was thawing. Amidst the bird song and cackle of the river as it chewed the ice hungrily from its banks, there was the faint rustle of feathers, brushing the canopy of the forest, stirring the tiny blooms that were beginning to poke up through the bare limbs. A shape descended gently down upon a bough, paws brushing lumps of snow to plunge to Earth, blunt black claws curling into the rough bark for a grip. A narrow muzzle thrust into the air, drawing in a deep inhale, before breathing out a cloud of frost, pluming before the snout. The chest rolled with each breath, narrow shoulders squared to keep balance. Leaning precariously, shadow colored body swaying like a blade of grass in the breeze, the female lupine straightened her lean body. She was tail and sleek, with a long, gold ring-bound tail that dangled in space behind her. A pair of massive black wings clung to her flanks, spread wide, the feathers curling in the wind. Her ears were long and narrow, tapering to thin points at the dark ends. Pale streaks covered her entire leithe form, contrasting against her breathtaking golden eyes, dancing flames carved into her femine skull. Thin fur clad her form, her expression blank and unbothered by the cold wind that dragged at her pelt. Swinging her head low, she craned her neck to peer down into the clearing below the hickory tree she had found perch on. A gray-pink tongue rolled from her thin muzzle, sweeping around her snout, leaving warm droplets to cling to the tiny translucent whiskers that sprouted from the thin fur there. Lashing her long tail, she tilted her wings and leaped high, plunging downwards, landing in the snow. It sprayed up around her flawless body, and there stood Hecate, raising her head high, tail lashing.

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