Murder in Room 316

January 12, 2008
By Alyssa Zommers, Manitowoc, WI

“Ally, we’re leaving!” called Amy into the house from outside. The two of them were going on their last vacation before college. Planning everything together was a must for the two of them since kindergarten. When they were younger they would have sleep overs almost every weekend and now they would be living together.

“I’m coming already! Didn’t you hear me say I had to grab my Jonas Brothers CD? I forgot to pack it yesterday, I’ve been listening to it too much I guess. Well we’re off now!” Ally replied as she got into the Red, Chevy Camaro. They started on their way to the beach, Ally hoping to see Marc there. She had liked him for years and just so she knew she had him for her own, Ally had asked Amy if she liked him too and she said no. Truly though Amy thought Marc was cute and wouldn’t mind hanging out with him everyday, but she could not get caught dead with him. Ally made her promise to never like the same boy as her.

As they pulled up to the beach parking lot, Marc noticed them, walked over and opened Amy’s door for her. “Oh, um, thank you Marc,” Amy said shyly, hoping Ally didn’t mind, but she could see her turning red with furry out of the corner of her eye. “You didn’t have to do that for me you know. I can open my own door.”

“Oh, I just wanted to be generous, you being a pretty girl and really sweet too,” Marc answered. “Hey there Ally, I haven’t seen you in a while either, what’s up?”

“Well let’s see, I just got to the beach and my best guy friend ditched me!” Ally yelled as she got out of the car.

“I didn’t ditch you! I just opened the door for Amy because she looked upset, and I never spend time with her. Is it against the law or something to be nice to Amy?”


“Hello, I’m still standing here,” Amy tried to get their attention, then walked down to the beach by herself, Marc running after.

“Hey, hey Amy, chill out. It’s okay, I’m not mad at you, and I don’t think Ally really is either. She’s just upset that I talked to you, she wants me for herself.”

“Yeah, I know she does and I hate it but I’m just going to have to deal with it. Why don’t you just leave so Ally and I can talk this out, okay?”

“I guess I’ll leave but I really wanted to spend time with you, and Ally too I guess. Well I’ll see you at school! Later.” marc then got into his Black Mercedes and drove away.

“So you think you can just take Marc away from me, do you” snapped Ally as she walked over to Amy.

“No, I didn’t! I mean I don’t! He just came to me, I had nothing to do with it,” Amy freaked out.

“Well, you’re going to pay for this, but for now let’s go have some fun.”

Later on, about two hours, Ally and Amy decided to be on their way to Harvard University. “I can’t believe we’re actually going to college,” Ally sighed.

“Me either. I can’t wait until my German class! It’ll be my seventh year already,” Amy replied.

“Yeah, me too.”

Once Ally and Amy got there, they checked in so the school knew they were both there, and they went to unpack in their room, room 316. After eating dinner, Ally snuck out to work on something she’d been planning since that morning. They next day they started their first day of college and had their first class together, German.

“Class I would like you to write an essay about your family, but it has to be auf-deutsch, and it’s due tomorrow. Thank you,” Herr Meinhardt told them.

“Hey Amy, since you kind of annoy me and you’re probably the smartest person in the class, can you write my paper?” asked Hannah.

“Um, it’s about our family, and I have my own homework to do,” Amy replied.

“I wasn’t asking you to do it, I was telling you to do it. As for the family thing goes, just make something up, and give me a key to your room so I can pick it up tonight. That way nothing will look suspicious.”

“Oh, um, okay. Here’s my spare key,” Amy took her spare key out of her pocket and handed it to Hannah, then quickly walked away before she asked her something to do. After all her classes were over and she was done eating lunch and dinner, Amy was doing her homework for hours. She had no idea where Ally was either, why she wasn’t doing her homework, and she kept disappearing. Maybe she was just at a friends place or something. Finally after Hannah’s essay was finished, Amy set it aside on the empty desk by the door where she could see it when she walked in.

“You’re home,” Amy announced as Ally walked in the door.

“Yeah, finally. I was jut our finishing planning something,” smirked Ally.

“What’s so funny about that?” Amy asked.

“Oh, just what the plan is, and that you have so much homework on the first day! I don’t need to do my homework after what I’m going to be doing tonight.”

“That ain’t funny, and I’m going to bed now, so later.” Amy yawned. “By the way, what’s so bad that you would do? It couldn’t be bad enough to get you into jail!”

“Yeah, it’s that bad. Good night.” and right then Ally left the room again so Amy wouldn’t ask her anymore questions.

Then later that night, the door unlocked and in walked Hannah to get her essay. It took her a few minutes to find it, but while she was finding it another person walked in behind her with a gun and shot Amy. Hannah slowly turned around, holding her essay, and stopped as soon as the person holding the gun said, “Don’t move,” and shot her too.
The next day in German, Herr Meinhardt asked why Amy and Hannah weren’t in class, but nobody knew. No one in the school had heard the gunshots the night before since the guns had been silenced. Eventually though that day, someone came into each of the girl’s rooms looking for them, to check on them to see if they were all right, and found both of them dead in Amy’s room. The police came and questioned Ally and Marc since Ally was Amy’s room mate and Marc was a friend. They found Ally’s fingerprints on the gun though, since she was stupid enough not to wear gloves or to protect it from her fingerprints in some way. Surprisingly, Ally told the whole truth and she ended up in jail, like she expected, and Marc wasn’t surprised that she killed Amy for even just looking at him. She had killed Hannah so she wouldn’t tell anyone that she killed Amy.

A few months later there was a funeral for both of the girls at the same time, and a lot of people came. Everybody there hoped that nothing like this every happened again and that Ally got her senses back before she got out of jail, which wouldn’t be for 25 years or so. But at least for now, everyone should be safe, even though they were unhappy.

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