The Color Red

January 12, 2008
By Elizabeth Foote, Independence, KY

The mad, chaotic swirling of mixed colors twirling in step with the deafening music made my head spin. As I sat on a little gold bench next to the other wall flowers I watched as the
tall, handsome men lead their gorgeous women in a fast waltz. The chestnut wood floors. shined bright reflecting a fantastic scene of blonde, brunette, and auburn curls flying every which way
under a glorious crystal chandler, which cast a golden light on the magnificent floral walls. The squeaky giggling of flirty debutantes could be heard over the band. The room slowly parted as the song came to an end. Even though there was no music playing the room was so full of conversation that a person could hardly hear themself think.

And then he walked in. The sound of him bursting through the big double doors snapped me out of my daze and back into reality. The whole place fell silent as ever head turned and

Our blue eyes met. He was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Every woman there, both single and married, gathered around like a heard of cattle gathering at the troft, but that didn’t stop him. One by one their fluffy, round dresses pressed up against one another forming a giant multi-colored sea. But he pushed his way through never breaking our gaze, and
when he made it through all I could do was stand there speechless waiting for his next move. By now every eye was on us.

His pitch black hair shimmered in the light and was unusually flipped this way and that. He wore a black vest and pants with a long sleeved scarlet shirt that matched my dress perfectly.
I envied his flawless ivory skin and those eyes. Those eyes of sapphire seemed to see strait through my soul.

As he took my hand in his smooth gloved one and lead me gracefully on to the dance floor I could feel my heart race, and became light headed. He held me gently in his arms; I laid my head on his silky shoulder. He smelt of cinnamon and amber.

The exhilarating sound of a violin echoed throughout the room pulling us out of our embrace. I could feel his eyes on me. Slowly, ever so slowly I lifted my head in time to see his face curl up in a boyish grin as the violin sent out another cry. And as I copied his expression, so began our tango.

It began slow with few steps and some random kicks and twists,, but then it began to speed up. Out of nowhere I could feel the music pump through me to a point where I craved it. Every beat, every spin, every step was perfect. The tempo grew faster and faster as our movements grew more detailed, more intense. The world became a giant blur. all I could see was the ruffly tail of my dress twirling around my mysterious dance partner. Suddenly the music stopped as he spun me in his arms and held me in a dip.

The music came back in all soft and slow and in the last note he
leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I love you.” And with that he tenderly lifted me back up, lead me over to my seat, nodded, and ran out the doors.

Automatically the people broke from their spell as if nothing had ever happened. I soon had many other dance partners, but none of them were as good as my assumed lover. And by the end of the night I questioned his existenceall together. But one thing is for sure, that would always be my most memorable ball.
The End

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